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One question I had about everything: Time wise, how do the end of Death of the Family and the events of Batman Inc #8 line up? Being so close together it felt...
I agree death of the family was disappointing. What bothered me more than Joker not cutting everyone's faces off was the very end where Bruce explained that he...
Batman: Death of the Family (discussion thread) (spoilers). I've read all of the arc so far and I must say, this new imagining of such an iconic villain,...
72 votes, 24 comments. [SPOILERS!] I paired many panels from the "Batman: Vol 3. Death of the Family" story and compared it to the original issues…
What do flies represent? Death, rotting, decay, spoil. The seed of destruction was planted by the Joker, now the bat family are in danger of destroying...
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What is the true ending of death in the family?
Unwilling to kill his father, Damian chooses death, but the Joker kills Batman before he can deal a fatal blow. Damian passes out from Joker venom and Batman is revealed to be a fake; as Damian recovers from the toxin, the Joker presents him with a cloche (concluded in Batman #17).
How does death of the family end Batman?
Batman manages to get Robin out of the warehouse, but he is killed by the explosion. With his dying words, Bruce attempts to convince Jason not to take revenge on the Joker and to be strong for his family. Jason, Alfred, and Barbara Gordon put Bruce to rest next to his parents, and Dick Grayson succeeds him as Batman.
Is Batman death in the family good Reddit?
Batman: A Death in the Family is a completely horrible comic that totally undercuts Batman's character and it sucks that it has become one of his defining stories.
Is Batman death in the family on HBO Max?
Jul 23, 2015 I posted something similar 3 years ago, I knew more then. :-P.
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I got totally lost at the epilogue of Death of a Family, so if some nice soul could explain to me a bit better what was going on I would be really…
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I want to read the death of the family comic but I see it's volume 3. Where's volume 1 and 2? I been wanting to read it for quite some time but keep…