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From left to right are: Riddler, Bane, Poison Ivy, a Riddleman, Black Mask, Man-Bat, Mister Freeze, Temblor, Spellbinder, Firefly, Ragdoll, Killer Croc, Joker, ... Main characters · Supporting characters · Antagonists · Additional characters
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Who played Batman in order?
U.S. release date
June 23, 1989
Michael Keaton
Batman Returns
June 19, 1992
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
December 25, 1993
Kevin Conroy
Batman Forever
June 16, 1995
Val Kilmer
Who are Batman's friends?
Robin, Batman's vigilante partner, was introduced in the Spring of 1940, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler, was introduced in 1943, and Barbara Gordon was introduced in 1967. The Batman family, or "Bat-Family", is the informal term for Batman's closest allies, generally masked vigilantes operating in Gotham City.
Which Batman is Jack Nicholson in?
Based on
Characters appearing in magazines published by DC Comics Batman by Bob Kane
Produced by
Jon Peters Peter Guber
Jack Nicholson Michael Keaton Kim Basinger Robert Wuhl Pat Hingle Billy Dee Williams Michael Gough Jack Palance
Roger Pratt
What is Bat Man real name?
Bruce Wayne Batman
First appearance
Detective Comics #27 (cover date May 1939 / release date March 30, 1939)
Created by
Bob Kane Bill Finger
In-story information
Alter ego
Bruce Wayne
Burton was pressured by Warner Bros. to cast an obvious action movie star, and had approached Pierce Brosnan, but he had no interest in playing a comic book ... Plot · Production · Marketing · Reception
List of Batman Characters that have appeared in a Batman Film. ... Category:Batman and Robin (1949 Movie) Characters · Category:Batman Ninja Characters.
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Teaser, 1 sheet movie poster. Trailer with text and price on screen ... Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989). Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton in Batman (1989).
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