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Chrissy Metz / Husband
Martyn Eaden
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Is Chrissy Metz in a relationship?
Chrissy Metz marks 2 years with boyfriend: 'Grateful we found one another in this lifetime' The actor described herself as "one lucky girl" to be with Bradley Collins, the songwriter she met on Bumble during the pandemic.
Who is Chrissy Metz currently married to?
Martyn Eaden
Chrissy Metz / Spouse
What disease does Chrissy Metz have?
Metz credits being a Libra (born on September 29) for her drive to find balance. “I have to have balance in my life, but it is something that I'm perpetually chasing,” she says.
Is Kate Metz married?
May 11, 2022 ˇ For fans who are still confused about why Chrissy Metz and Martyn Eaden broke up, know you're not alone. Metz's mom, Denise Hodge, is also ...
Apr 14, 2022 ˇ When did Chrissy Metz and Martyn Eaden get married? ˇ The actual reason behind their divorce ˇ Who is Chrissy Metz currently dating? ˇ READ MORE.
Dec 11, 2021 ˇ Information about Chrissy Metz's ex-husband Martyn Eaden is scarce, but according to The List, Chrissy's mom called him "her first real love" ...
Chrissy Metz Boyfriends, Ex.Husband(Martyn Eaden) and More. She married a British journalist Martyn Eaden is a Santa Barbara, California courthouse ceremony on ...
Apr 12, 2022 ˇ Since the season 5 finale, audiences have known that Kate and her music school boss Phillip (Chris Geere) get married in the future after she ...
Apr 15, 2022 ˇ Hello guys, if you are looking for that who is the Chrissy Metz Husband Martyn Eaden 2022. Then you have reached the right place.
Martyn Eaden was an ordinary man who worked as a copywriter. He earned a middle-class income when Chrissy Metz was his ...
Jun 17, 2021 ˇ Very little is known about Eaden except that he met Metz over a dating app in 2006. He was living in Sheffield, England while she was in Los ...
Jan 26, 2022 ˇ With Metz being on top of her game, there is no wonder fans are interested in her personal life, especially who the actress has dated, is dating ...
Apr 12, 2022 ˇ But it was very difficult to watch. I love Chris Geere, who is Phillip [Kate's second husband]. But Chris Sullivan is my OG. So, even that part ...