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Aug 6, 2017 · “Why does 'I don't care to' mean the exact opposite of what it implies?” some Nathan Newcomer invariably wants to know.
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What does I don t care to mean?
Phrase. I don't care. Indicates that the speaker has no interest or emotional investment in the topic at hand.
Does I don't care mean yes or no?
So in this sense, “I don't care to” would mean “I'm willing to” or “I'd be pleased to” or simply “Yes.”
Apr 17, 2019 · Both my south Texas friends and family and my Kansas kin say “I don't care to” as a gentler, more polite way of saying “no”. “I don't mind” is ...
In this exchange person 1 is making a request which person 2 then agrees to. By "I don't care to move my truck" they mean no, I don't care which equals I don't ...
West Virginia saying, meaning what, anywhere else, would be, "I'd be happy to do that." When asked to fix dinner, Sam stated, "I don't care to do that.
"I Don't Care" is a pop song written and produced by David Frank and Steve Kipner—the authors of "Genie in a Bottle"—for Angela Via's 2000 debut album, ...
May 13, 2019 · “I Don't Care” Lyrics Meaning. “I Don't Care” has attracted major attention from music listeners as two of the most followed pop stars ...
[=she does not care at all what restaurant they go to] ... But in informal speech people often use "could care less" to mean they don't care at all.
What does Nail Polish emoji mean? ... and can mean “anything from shutting haters down to a sense of accomplishment; a swift 'I don't care' to a spa day.”.
Maybe I didn't understand the question Would you care to repeat it Mr. Hicks . ... that I don't think you and I don't know what I am trying to get at .
I mean she really doesn't hold a job nor does she care to hold one. ... Of course I don't know why but I feel that no one will ever believe me about ...