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Fantasy High is the 1st season and Main Quest of Dimension 20. ... There are multiple recorded and unrecorded live shows that take place after the finale. ... The cast introduces their PCs, including a neurotic elf, a goblin PI, and a corn- worshipping cleric. 2, 2, Clash of the Corn Cuties · Link, 2018-09-26, 1:28:16. A grimy ...

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Is there a season 2 of fantasy high?
SideQuests will have a bunch of fun guest players, from @CollegeHumor and beyond, and Dimension 20: Season 2 coming this summer will be a Full 17 Episodes with the cast of Fantasy High returning as new characters in a new setting I CANNOT WAIT to share with you!
Is fantasy high ongoing?
Fantasy High is the 1st season and Main Quest of Dimension 20. It was released fall of 2018 on Dropout with 17 episodes and is now available to watch for free on on Youtube. This story continues into their sophomore year in Dimension 20 LIVE. ...
Is dimension 20 fantasy high over?
This high-level campaign is the closest Dimension 20 has to a classic fantasy setting, and is a pretty close 1-to-1 parody of Lord of the Rings-- but from the villains' perspective! A good place for fans of Critical Role to start, as it stars DM Matthew Mercer as a player.
Is Fantasy High sophomore year?
Campaign Order Dimension 20 LIVE, also referred to as Fantasy High: Sophomore Year, tells the continued story of The Bad Kids from Dimension 20's first Main Quest, Fantasy High, starring the original cast, and led by our humble dungeon master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.
This high-level campaign is the closest Dimension 20 has to a classic fantasy ... However, there are a small handful of sequels that take place in the same ... Season 2: Dimension 20 LIVE, also referred to as "Fantasy High Sophomore Year". By Tone and Genre · By Series · Fantasy High · By Release Order
Jan 4, 2021 · The whole first season of Fantasy High is available to watch for free on our ... The experience EVERYONE has watching episode 2 of Fantasy High ... what Fantasy High has in store for you, there is a running thread of half-orc ...
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Dimension 20: Fantasy High. TV Show • 2018 ... MidnightFox452. (Spoiler) In season 2, The Great Unicorn is revealed to have died in a forest a long time ago. ... No, but there is an intense scene with Gorgug surrounded by bugs. 1 comment  ...
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There Is Strength in Sweetness (Ep. 1) | A Crown of Candy [Full Episode] · Dimension 20 ... Clash of the Corn Cuties (Ep. 2) | Fantasy High · Dimension 20.