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Petrol; Hatchback; 5. Performance. Running Costs. Comfort. Reliability. Space Practicality.

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Are Nissan Micras reliable?
The Nissan Micra is a very reliable small car, a good size for parking in London. This car cost very little money in running costs and maintenance so really economical and good for short or fairly short journeys not a car you would own if you travelled great distances regularly but otherwise ticks the right boxes.
How long do Nissan Micras last?
The car could last for in excess of 500,000km but you need to be mechanically sympathetic and if you are, you will look after your engine and transmission by weekly checks on oils and coolant. Change engine oil every 6 months, transmission oils yearly.
Is Nissan Micra good for long drive?
Micra comes with powerful 1.5 ltr engine , which will support you to a long drive . Small car though but equipped with 40ltr capacity fuel tank is added advantage for long trip . ... Its good for you and for your car as well , to relax a bit.
Are Nissan Micras good first cars?
The Nissan Micra has been a mainstay of first time buyers who want a cheap, reliable car, which has is all likelihood been owned by an elderly lady from new. ... The Micra is only available to buy as a five door, so ideal for those drivers looking for a bit of extra practicality.
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