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What is Israel's main newspaper?
Haʾaretz, (Hebrew: “The Land”) newspaper, published in Tel Aviv, that is Israel's oldest daily and generally considered the country's highest-quality newspaper. Haʾaretz was founded in Jerusalem in 1919 as an independent liberal paper in the tradition of Russian-Hebrew journalism and moved to Tel Aviv in 1923.
How many newspapers are there in Israel?
Dailies. Israel has around twenty-two privately owned dailies. The most influential and respected daily is Ha'aretz (The Land) for both its news coverage and its commentary.
Is English widely spoken in Israel?
Russian is spoken by about 20% of the Israeli population, mainly by the large immigrant population from the former Soviet Union, and English is a known foreign language by a significant proportion of the Israeli population as English is used widely in official logos and road signs alongside Hebrew and Arabic.
What does Tel Aviv mean in English?
The name Tel Aviv in Hebrew means "Hill ( tel) of Spring (aviv)". This is the title given by Nahum Sokolow to his Hebrew translation of Theodor Herzl's book Altneuland (German: " The Old New Land").
Haaretz Newspaper: Breaking news, analysis and opinion from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.
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