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Jan 4, 2016 · NBC's '30 Rock' series finale confirmed that Kenneth Parcell was immortal. A list of every reference to Kenneth Parcell's immortality, ...
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Is Kenneth An Angel in 30 Rock?
Was Kenneth from 30 Rock immortal?
30 Rock's Kenneth Parcell is a weirdo, but there's something more going on there. His encyclopedic knowledge of television history is just uncanny enough to make you wonder if he hasn't lived it himself. The show hinted all along that Kenneth was immortal, and the final moment of the series finale confirmed it.
Jan 4, 2016
Why does Kenneth become a janitor?
Moving on from the Page Program, Kenneth would eventually take a new position in Standards and Practices only to give it up to help Tracy. In Season 6, Episode 14, Kenneth was trying to find a new position at NBC and ended up becoming a janitor, holding that job for virtually the rest of the series.
Who does Jack from 30 Rock end up with?
Jack later married Avery Jessup and had a child with her named Liddy. Liddy was born while Avery and Jack were in Canada, so she will never be able to become the POTUS.
Jan 19, 2022 · Kenneth is an eldritch abomination in a flesh vessel, Jenna is the vampire. Upvote 1
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Oct 19, 2020 · Kenneth is IMMORTAL! How does the world deal with the existence of immortal Kenneth ...
Duration: 9:10
Posted: Oct 19, 2020
Kenneth is a perpetually cheerful immortal NBC page who hails from Stone Mountain, ... in the mirror, only a white blur, hinting that he may be a vampire.
Jun 9, 2010 · So, I really and truly don't know what the mythology of Kenneth the Page is. Am I a vampire? Am I a ghost? Have you made any requests they've ...
My Date with a Vampire III is a 2004 Hong Kong television series produced by ATV as a sequel ... Eternal Country) performed by Kenneth Chan and Fung Ha-yin.
Kenneth Allen Johnson (born July 13, 1963) is an American actor, producer, and model. ... Heatseeking Dennis, who was saved from a vampire played by Traci Lords.
The goal is a vampire version of the Varo Edition, using the reader's ... So the premise of the Vampire Spy Thriller game, in a nutshell, is this:
Unfortunately Shade's bitterest enemy, Goth the cannibalistic vampire bat, is now a resident of said Underworld and is also in on the underworld god's (Cama ...
His friend Kenneth suffers from a rare form of anemia and is in desperately declining health. Enter vampire Baroness Blood—the daughter of the original ...