The Nanny


Ma'ternal Affairs

The Nanny: Season 6, Episode 17
Fran (Fran Drescher) finds out her mother (Renee Taylor) is thinking about having an affair with a handsome doctor (guest star Joe Bologna). Steve Lawrence also guest stars.
Show: The Nanny
Air date: June 2, 1999
Previous episode: The Finale Part 2
Next episode: The Producers
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Episode Info. Sylvia (Renee Taylor) is having an affair with a doctor (Joseph Bologna). Morty: Steve Lawrence). Fran: Fran Drescher. Grace: Madeline Zima.
Rating (175)
Season 6 | Episode 15. Previous · All Episodes (145) · Next · Ma'ternal Affairs Poster. Fran checks into a man that his mother is seeing and coaches her father on ...
Rating (165)
The Dummy Twins. TV-PG | 30min | Comedy, Family, Romance | Episode aired 16 June 1999. Season 6 | Episode 17. Previous · All Episodes (145) · Next. Release Date: 16 June 1999 (USA)
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Jul 18, 2020 · Original release 2 juin 1999; Previous episode S06E16 - The Finale (Part 2); Number S06E17 ...Posted: Jul 18, 2020

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Did Niles marry CC?
C.C. and Niles marry in the series finale, as Fran is giving birth to twins. After they're being pronounced man and wife, C.C. learns that she is pregnant with Nile's baby, which causes both of them to faint.
Who does Maggie marry on the nanny?
Eventually, Maggie met and married an underwear model named Michael (Andrew Levitas), who was related, by marriage, to Barbra Streisand (his cousin was James Brolin, Ms. Streisand's husband). This made Maggie the only one of the three Sheffield children to get married during the show's run.
Who is the nanny's dad?
Stewart Babcock is a fictional character, portrayed by Robert Culp, on American sitcom, The Nanny. He is C.C. Babcock's father. When Stewart was in New York City, he had tickets to a Barbra Streisand concert, to which C.C.
Does CC get pregnant in the nanny?
Lauren Lane who played C.C, during season 5 was pregnant for the majority of the season, and when C.C had to be institutionalized, she gave birth to her daughter. ... C.C finally agrees to marry Niles in part 1 of the finale. C.C later in the finale finds out she is pregnant with Niles' baby.
Fran finds herself torn between being nanny and wife as Max calls her ... Grace goes through hormonal changes, briefly in the episode. ... 141, 17, "Ma'ternal Affairs", Peter Marc Jacobson, Frank Lombardi, June 2, ... Cast and characters · Guest stars
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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Dummy Twins (2), C.C. rejects Niles' proposal to her, but ...
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Sep 16, 2018 · The Nanny S06E17 The Dummy Twins. ... The Nanny Season 6 Episode 17 The Dummy Twins ...Duration: 25:23
Posted: Sep 16, 2018
The Nanny Napper is the 6th episode in the second season of the CBS television series The Nanny which was aired on October 17, 1994. 1 Plot 2 Cast ... 2, 6 ...
Apr 23, 2021 · Now on HBO Max, Fran Drescher's 'The Nanny' is the latest classic 90s sitcom ... Suffice it to say, The Nanny is more Jewish than 6 p.m. bagels at Yom Kippur break-fast. ... “Samson, He Denied Her” (Season 4, Episode 17).
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Jun 16, 1999 · Watch The Nanny Season 6 Episode 17 - The Dummy Twins (2). Ms. Babcock finds Niles's ...Posted: Jun 16, 1999