The Nanny



The Nanny: Season 5, Episode 17
Fran transforms a nerdy singer into a cool rapper so that he can audition for a part in Maxwell's new show.
Show: The Nanny
Air date: March 18, 1998
Previous episode: The Dinner Party
Next episode: The Reunion Show
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Season 5 | Episode 17. Previous ˇ All Episodes (145) ˇ Next ˇ Homie-Work Poster. When Fran hires a gift wrapper instead of a singer rapper, she has to turn him ... Full Cast & Crew ˇ Cast (14) ˇ Photo Gallery ˇ Coolio as Irwin Stars: Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis
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Was Ms Babcock pregnant on the nanny?
Lauren Lane who played C.C, during season 5 was pregnant for the majority of the season, and when C.C had to be institutionalized, she gave birth to her daughter. (This was written in the show as being humorous. As he tried to hide her real life pregnancy behind objects and large coats.)
Why did CC leave the nanny?
(The weight gain and departure from the show for a month was due to Lauren Lane being pregnant during the time of filming.) C.C.'s main rival is Niles, the Sheffield's butler, who has despised her from the start, and frequently makes quips at her expense.
Did Nanny Fine marry Mr Sheffield?
What rapper appeared on the nanny?
Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (born August 1, 1963), known professionally as Coolio, is an American rapper, singer, record producer, and actor.
Episode Info. Fran recruits Sammy's grandson (Coolio) to audition for Maxwell's musical, unaware the kid's a gift-wrapper, not a gifted rapper. Sammy: Ray ...
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Jun 8, 2020 ˇ The Nanny Season 5 Episode 17 Homie-Work. The Nanny. video thumbnail. 0:40 . Full version ...Duration: 23:28
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Sammy convinces Fran his nephew Irwin is a brilliant rap artist, prompting her to secure him an audition for the starring role in Maxwell's new urban musical.
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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Homie-Work, Fran decides to help Maxwell audition for ... The ...
Mai Ling, the Cambodian girl Fran and Val "adopted" in high school for 17 cents a day, is coming to New York to visit. Sylvia doesn't ...
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Jan 31, 2002 ˇ Original release 18 mars 1998 ˇ Previous episode S05E16 - The Dinner Party ˇ Number S05E17 ...Posted: Jan 31, 2002
Video for the nanny season 5 episode 17
Mar 18, 1998 ˇ Watch The Nanny Season 5 Episode 17 - Homie-Work. Fran decides that even though she's ...Posted: Mar 18, 1998
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Mar 18, 1998 ˇ Cast & Crew: STARS ˇ Fran Drescher ˇ Charles Shaughnessy ˇ Daniel Davis ˇ Lauren Lane ˇ Nicholle Tom ˇ Benjamin Salisbury ...