The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


Episode 2

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Season 3, Episode 2
With Pauly Shore's help, Jamie plays Prince Abdulah Azi in order to test the limits of a stand-up comedian; Jamie plays a bitter dad whose son wins a contest with Dodger Paul Lo Duca and Dave Roberts.
Air date: September 25, 2003
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With Jamie Kennedy, Ali Afshar, Thomas Curtis, Paul Lo Duca. Contains segments "Dodger Dad", "Prince of Comedy", and "Sports Car". ... Season 3 Episode 2.
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2002–2007) ... segments "Dodger Dad", "Prince of Comedy", and "Sports Car". Episode #3.3. S3, Ep3. 2 Oct. 2003. Episode #3.3.
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Can you stream the Jamie Kennedy Experiment?
He disguises himself as a variety of characters to set up unknowing marks for elaborate 'experiments' that, upon their conclusion, are punctuated by his telling them, 'You've been X'd. ' Currently not available to stream. Add it to your Watchlist to be notified when it becomes available.
What happened to Jamie Kennedy Experiment?
A performer of stand-up comedy, he is also known for his sketch performances on his television reality show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, which became the WB Network's highest-ranking new show in 2002, but which was cancelled in April 2004 due to falling viewership.
What illness did Jamie Kennedy have?
Comedian Jamie Kennedy's latest revelation is no joking matter. The actor appeared on The Doctors on Wednesday to promote his new NBC show Heartbeat, and he broke some 35-year-old news. “Ever since I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with congenital heart block,” he said.
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Seasons one - three of the popular series features guest stars Amanda Bynes, Holly Robinson Peete, Anthony Anderson, Paul lo Duca, Pauley Shore, ...
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Feb 16, 2021 · Season 2 Episode 3Cavity Check, Real Families, Palm Reader.Duration: 22:05
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The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series that debuted in 2002 and was broadcast on ...
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