The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


Episode 16

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Season 1, Episode 16
Olympic gold-medalist Apollo Ohno takes Jamie for the ride of his life; actor George Wendt plays host for a game show where Jamie is a strange contestant.
Air date: May 5, 2002
Rating (5)
Directed by Tim Gibbons. With Jamie Kennedy, Robert Catrini, Apolo Ohno, Paul Savage. ... The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2002–2007). Season 1 Episode 16.
Contains segments "Express Line - Freshness", "Meet Mrs. Marino", "You Be The Judge:Mark 1-Flower Stomp". Episode #2.16. S2, Ep16. 27 Feb. 2003.
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Jun 30, 2002 ˇ Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Show 16, --Meet Gina Lecher. She is on a This Is Your Life ...Posted: Jun 30, 2002
Episode 16. Sun, May 5, 2002 30 mins. Included: Kennedy teams up with Olympic gold medalist Apollo Ohno; and "Cheers ...
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Feb 24, 2021 ˇ Season 02 Episode 16 Full EpisodeWashboard, Alligator attack, Voodoo shop.Duration: 44:16
Posted: Feb 24, 2021
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JKX sketches are usually done at least three times, with different marks. In this episode, we got to see alternate outcomes of skits featuring Brad Gluckman (" ...
In the first season finale, Jim Belushi helps Jamie "X" a mark who's brought her dog to see a quack pet psychiatrist, Jamie, of course! "Judge Jamie" re-emerges ...
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden ... Season 1, Episode 16, Your History, Limo Driver, Club Street, 2002-05-05, 30 min.
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Season 1 Bonus Episode - Extra Marks (2002). NostalgiaMania - Jamie Kennedy Experiment•2.9K views.
Jul 14, 2020 ˇ Episode #, Original Air Date, Titles. Season 1. 1. 1-1, 13 Jan 02, Brad Gluckman - Date, Infomerical, Jaw Surgery - Boss.