The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


Episode 14

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Season 1, Episode 14
Posing as a contestant on a dating game show, Kennedy wreaks havoc by lying about how far the date went.
Air date: April 21, 2002
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Jun 30, 2002 · Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Show 14, --Meet Rocky and Heidi. Rocky takes Heidi to a ...Posted: Jun 30, 2002
Season 1 Episode 14Romance Flip A Roo, Romance Flip A Roo Fight, The Massage Hole - Vomit, Judge Jamie FlamboyantMeet Rocky and Heidi.
Contains segments "Express Line - Juggle Food", "Old Chiropractor", and "Starmakers". Episode #2.14. S2, Ep14.
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment / S01E14 : Romance Flip A Roo, Romance Flip A Roo Fight, The Massage Hole - Vomit, Judge Jamie Flamboyant. Season 1, Episode 14 ...
This is a special episode devoted to the character of Brad Gluckman and the movie Malibu's Most Wanted, which was spun off from JKX and is centered around B-Rad ...
In the first season finale, Jim Belushi helps Jamie "X" a mark who's brought her dog to see a quack pet psychiatrist, Jamie, of course! "Judge Jamie" re-emerges ...
Jul 14, 2020 · Episode #, Original Air Date, Titles. Season 1. 1. 1-1, 13 Jan 02, Brad Gluckman - Date, Infomerical, Jaw Surgery - Boss.
Rating (23) The Complete Jamie Kennedy Experiment (3 Season Pack) : Jamie Kennedy, Mark Riccadonna, Gina Coconato, Nick Swardson, John Donahue, Deep Roy, ...
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