The Carbonaro Effect


It’s A Chicken, Sir

The Carbonaro Effect episode (season 3, episode 4)
Discovering a ferocious new breed of animal at a park; invading a local tea shop; Michael transforms himself at an abandoned art studio.
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Comedian and prankster Michael Carbonaro is back! truTV's hit series, The Carbonaro Effect, has more hilarious, mind-blowing hidden camera magic than ever ...
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Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade but a prankster by heart. In truTV's comedic series The Carbonaro Effect, Michael performs baffling tricks on ...
Season 3 (2017–18)[edit]. No. overall, No. in season, Title, Original air date, US viewers
On October 11, 2019, it was announced that the fifth season would premiere on November 7, 2019. Contents. 1 Episodes ...
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Episodes (15) ˇ 1. The Carbonaro Effect: Cause and Effect Second Edition. April 1, 2015 ˇ 2. The Carbonaro Effect: Exposed. April 1, 2015 ˇ 3. Just Made History.
The Carbonaro Effect: Season 3 ... Michael Carbonaro, magician by trade and prankster at heart, performs ingenious tricks on unsuspecting members of the public, ...
Season 3 Episode Guide ˇ Incredibly Unsettling ˇ Holy Moly Mirror ˇ Bro, They're Surrounding Us! ˇ It's A Chicken, Sir ˇ Wait, My Chair! ˇ Soliciting Statue ˇ Speed ...
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