Episode 7

Spy TV: Season 2, Episode 7
A groom takes his bride to his lawyer to sign papers before they tie the knot; three innocent men are accused of grand theft auto.
Show: Spy TV
Air date: June 18, 2002
Rating (13)
When the dreaded Mrs Godfrey usurps Philip as school head, Marcus' hopes of organizing the Summer Ball are dashed. Meanwhile, Tim struggles to find a date. 2012 ...
Episode Info. Marcus tries to organize the Summer Ball; Tim struggles to find a date. Genres: Comedy, Other. Network: SKY1HD. Air Date: Nov 30, 2012.
Rating (40)
Alexander and Kelly receive the unenviable assignment of guarding a spoiled, teenage king. But it gives Alexander the opportunity to teach the future leader ...
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Join Spyler, Cece, Duck, Wheeler and other characters in this colorful and interactive TV experience. Each episode is divided into two fun-filled adventure ...
5 days ago · Who was eliminated in episode 7, "Uncle CT?" ... And after the way he treated her in last season's final, I will never understand why!