Wallonia is the French-speaking region of southern Belgium. It’s known for its medieval towns, Renaissance-era architecture and traditional Trappist beers. Landmarks of the capital city, Namur, include baroque St.-Aubin Cathedral and the Citadel, a hilltop fort founded in the 10th century. Namur is the gateway to the southeastern Ardennes, an area of forested mountains, rivers and caves such as those at Han-sur-Lesse.
Wallonia is a cognate of terms such as Wales, Cornwall and Wallachia, all rooted in the Germanic word Walha, meaning the strangers, referring to Gallic or Celtic ... History of Wallonia · Flag of · Politics of Wallonia · Category:Wallonia Capital: Namur Country: Belgium ISO 3166 code: BE-WAL Demonym(s): Walloons
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What is Wallonia famous for?
Wallonia is rich in iron and coal, and these resources and related industries have played an important role in its history. In ancient times, the Sambre and Meuse valley was an important industrial area in the Roman Empire.
What language do the Walloons speak?
The Walloons, who make up about one-third of the Belgian population, speak dialects of French and live chiefly in the south and east.
Was Wallonia ever part of France?
Following the 1830 Belgian Revolution Wallonia became a part of the Kingdom of Belgium. Following the Belgian Revolution a minority of Walloons called for unification with France.
Is Wallonia a language?
listen); Walloon: Walons) are a Romance ethnic group native to Belgium, principally its southern region of Wallonia, who primarily speak langues d'oïl such as ...
Wallonia, French Wallonie, formally Walloon Region, French Région Wallonne, region that constitutes the southern half of Belgium. The self-governing Walloon ...
Oct 24, 2016 · During the heyday of the industrial revolution, Wallonia became the second most industrialised area in the world after Britain, thanks to its ...
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Wallonia is the French-speaking southern part of Belgium. Bordered by Flanders in the North and France in the South-West, its Eastern border is shared by ...
Wallonia (French: Wallonie) [2] is the French-speaking southern part of Belgium. It is wedged between Flanders in the North and France in the South-West, while ...
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Dec 27, 2016 · There are the three “regions” – the Flemish Region (a.k.a. “Flanders”) in the north , the Walloon Region (Wallonia) in the south, and the capital ...