The Baby Shower

The Nanny episode (season 6, episode 22)
Fran (Fran Drescher), suffering from intense mood swings, becomes convinced that Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) is having an affair. With Lauren Lane.
Show: The Nanny
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The Baby Shower ... After her fortune telling hair dresser sees Maxwell in bed with a blonde while in California Fran flies out to check on him. Fran Fine ...
The Baby Shower is the twentieth episode of Season 6 of The Nanny. It aired on May 12th, 1999. When Val and Fran have their fortunes told at the beauty ...
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Jun 19, 2021 · The Nanny 1993 The Baby Shower. 264 views264 views. Jun 19, 2021. 1. 1. Share. Save. 1 ...Duration: 22:40
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One in this clash-of-cultures comedy series about Fran Fine, a flamboyant, wisecracking Jewish woman from Queens employed as a nanny by the upper-crust widower ...
When Libby, the Chatterbox hairdresser/fortune teller, predicts Val will hook up with Fred the pharmacist and it happens, Fran worries her prediction might ...
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Jan 22, 2021 · The Nanny S06E20 The Baby Shower. ... The Nanny - Season 6 Episode 20 - The Baby ...Duration: 23:33
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