The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series that debuted in 2002 and was broadcast on ... Format · Recurring sketches No. of episodes: 62 (including one special) No. of seasons: 3 Original release: January 13, 2002 –; April 29, 2004 Original network: The WB
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Why was Jamie Kennedy Experiment Cancelled?
A performer of stand-up comedy, he is also known for his sketch performances on his television reality show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, which became the WB Network's highest-ranking new show in 2002, but which was cancelled in April 2004 due to falling viewership.
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How many seasons did Jamie Kennedy Experiment?
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What was wrong with Jamie Kennedy?
The 45-year-old comedian revealed a secret health problem he's been facing for 35 years: congenital heart block. Kennedy explained, "Ever since I was 10-years-old I was diagnosed with congenital heart block, and then when I was 14, I got a pacemaker put it."
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Absolutely on the floor hilarious! You're not on Candid Camera here. Although the premise is the same, Kennedy's show differs as we get to see him perform every ...
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Jan 3, 2011 · Jamie Kennedy poses as a drunken dentist for his hidden camera show...Duration: 3:38
Posted: Jan 3, 2011
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Jan 21, 2017 · The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - Judge Jamie. 51,499 views51K views. Jan 21, 2017. 401. 22 ...Duration: 7:23
Posted: Jan 21, 2017
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Editorial Reviews. Actor and comedian Jamie Kennedy uses a number of intricate disguises to perform pranks on unsuspecting bystanders. If you find yourself ...
Rating (43) The Jamie Kennedy Experiment - The Complete First Season : Jamie Kennedy, Berj Daniel Bedrosian, Eddie Braun, Jesse D. Goins, Brian Hartt, ...
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment. In this half-hour series, affectionately nicknamed JKX, actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy combines hidden-camera pranks with sketch ...
Jamie Kennedy Experiment ... It's 'Candid Camera' for the young crowd as Kennedy targets victims via pranks and practical jokes. He disguises himself as a variety ...
This episode was filmed on location in Panama City, Florida, where Jamie set out to "X" college students on spring break. Scott, our first unsuspecting mark of ...