That '70s Show

1998 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 8 seasons
8/10 ˇ IMDb
Set in the mood ring and polyester era of the 1970s, the programme is a retro-hip situation comedy about an eclectic group of friends on the verge of adulthood. The group live in the suburbs of Wisconsin, where they yearn for independence amid the...
First episode date: August 23, 1998
Final episode date: May 18, 2006
Theme song: In the Street
S08 E22 ˇ That '70s Finale
May 18, 2006
S08 E21 ˇ Love of My Life
May 18, 2006
S08 E20 ˇ Leaving Home Ain't Easy
May 11, 2006
S08 E19 ˇ Sheer Heart Attack
May 4, 2006
S08 E18 ˇ We Will Rock You
May 4, 2006
S08 E17 ˇ Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Apr 27, 2006
S08 E16 ˇ My Fairy King
Apr 27, 2006
S08 E15 ˇ Keep Yourself Alive
Apr 13, 2006
S08 E14 ˇ Son & Daughter
Mar 23, 2006
S08 E13 ˇ Spread Your Wings
Mar 16, 2006
S08 E12 ˇ Killer Queen
Feb 9, 2006
S08 E11 ˇ Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Feb 2, 2006
S08 E10 ˇ Sweet Lady
Jan 26, 2006
S08 E09 ˇ Who Needs You
Jan 19, 2006
S08 E08 ˇ Good Company
Jan 12, 2006
S08 E07 ˇ Fun It
Dec 14, 2005
S08 E06 ˇ Long Away
Dec 7, 2005
S08 E05 ˇ Stone Cold Crazy
Nov 30, 2005
S08 E04 ˇ Misfire
Nov 16, 2005
S08 E03 ˇ Best Friends
Nov 9, 2005
S08 E02 ˇ Somebody to Love
Nov 2, 2005
S08 E01 ˇ Bohemian Rhapsody
Nov 2, 2005
S07 E25 ˇ 'Til the Next Goodbye
May 18, 2005
S07 E24 ˇ Short & Curlies
May 18, 2005
S07 E23 ˇ Take It or Leave It
May 11, 2005
S07 E22 ˇ 2000 Light Years From Home
May 4, 2005
S07 E21 ˇ 2120 So. Michigan Avenue
Apr 27, 2005
S07 E20 ˇ Gimme Shelter
Mar 30, 2005
S07 E19 ˇ Who's Been Sleeping Here
Mar 23, 2005
S07 E18 ˇ Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')
Mar 9, 2005
S07 E17 ˇ Down the Road Apiece
Mar 2, 2005
S07 E16 ˇ On With the Show
Feb 23, 2005
S07 E15 ˇ It's All Over Now
Feb 16, 2005
S07 E14 ˇ Street Fighting Man
Feb 9, 2005
S07 E13 ˇ Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Jan 12, 2005
S07 E12 ˇ Don't Lie to Me
Jan 5, 2005
S07 E11 ˇ Winter
Dec 15, 2004
S07 E10 ˇ Surprise, Surprise
Dec 1, 2004
S07 E09 ˇ You Can't Always Get What You Want
Nov 24, 2004
S07 E08 ˇ Angie
Nov 17, 2004
S07 E07 ˇ Mother's Little Helper
Nov 10, 2004
S07 E06 ˇ Rip This Joint
Nov 3, 2004
S07 E05 ˇ It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Oct 6, 2004
S07 E04 ˇ Beast of Burden
Sep 29, 2004
S07 E03 ˇ (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Sep 22, 2004
S07 E02 ˇ Let's Spend the Night Together
Sep 15, 2004
S07 E01 ˇ Time Is on My Side
Sep 8, 2004
S06 E25 ˇ Going Mobile; The Seeker Part 2
May 19, 2004
S06 E24 ˇ Going Mobile
May 19, 2004
S06 E23 ˇ My Wife
May 16, 2004
S06 E22 ˇ Sparks
May 12, 2004
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Why was that 70s show Cancelled?
Why That '70s Show Was Canceled At the start of Season 8, That '70s Show lost two of its lead actors: Grace and Kutcher, who both wanted to pursue film careers. ... Despite this announcement, the network closed out That '70s Show on a high note, with the cast filming a series finale one month after Fox's announcement.
Was Jackie pregnant in that 70s show?
Jackie thinks she may be pregnant and confides in Eric, who later tells Donna. ... Bob discovers Donna is on birth control pills and Eric gets in trouble when his parents find out. Jackie discovers that she's not pregnant and breaks up with Kelso.
Did they really get high on That 70's Show?
The Circle is a way for the creators to showcase a vital component of the '70s – smoking weed. According to the show creators, the blunt or joint is passed around ahead of the person speaking on camera, thus never shown. ... Hyde actually quit smoking for a period of time because he got too high.
Who yells hello Wisconsin at the beginning of that 70's show?
Danny Masterson, who plays Steven Hyde, yells "Hello, Wisconsin!" at the end of the theme song in the first season. In the first season, the lyrics were the same except that instead of shouting "We're all alright!" twice, they shout "Whoa yeah!"
That '70s Show is an American television period sitcom that originally aired on Fox from August 23, 1998, to May 18, 2006. The series focuses on the lives of a ... List of That '70s Show episodes ˇ Season 1 ˇ Donna Pinciotti ˇ Fez Related shows: That '80s Show; Days Like These Theme music composer: Alex Chilton; Chris Bell No. of seasons: 8 Original release: August 23, 1998 –; May 18, 2006
Rating (156,619)
That '70s Show ... A comedy revolving around a group of teenage friends, their mishaps, and their coming of age, set in 1970s Wisconsin.A comedy revolving ... Official sites: Carsey Werner siteOfficial Facebook
Rating (3,753)
Crank up the 8-track and flash back to a time when platform shoes and puka shells were all the rage in this hilarious retro-sitcom. For Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde , ...
Rating (1,139) That '70s Show: Season 1: Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Don ...
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Dec 2, 2017 ˇ Funniest scenes from That '70s Show.• Kitty tells Red, Eric and Hyde that she is pregnant.• The ...Duration: 5:00
Posted: Dec 2, 2017
That '70s Show is an American comedy series, centered around the lives of a group of teenagers living in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin, USA ... Original network: FOX Original release: August 23, 1998 – May 18, 2006 Seasons: 8 Composer(s): Alex Chilton & Chris Bell
Sep 7, 2020 ˇ "That '70s Show," which made its debut 20 years ago, followed. "OH NO THEY TOOK #that70sshow OFF OF NETFLIX!!! I haven't finished it!!!
Series Info. A sitcom about a group of teenagers nearing on maturity in the 1970s . They deal with sex, drugs, and rock and roll, as well as disco, leisure suits and, ... TV Network: FOX
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