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Ted Turner
Ted Turner

Ted Turner

American entrepreneur ˇ
Robert Edward Turner III is an American entrepreneur, television producer, media proprietor, and philanthropist. He founded the Cable News Network, the first 24-hour cable news channel. In addition, he founded WTBS, which pioneered the... Wikipedia
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What ever happened to Ted Turner?
He currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Turner's media empire began with his father's billboard business, Turner Outdoor Advertising, which he took over in 1963 after his father's suicide. It was worth $1 million.
Does Ted Turner still own CNN?
Turner, also a noted philanthropist, founded CNN in 1980 as the first 24 hour all-news cable network. He went on to become vice chairman of media conglomerate Time Warner but quit in 2003 and is no longer involved in running the company.
Where does Ted Turner currently live?
Turner's main residence is near Tallahassee, Florida. On visits to his many western and midwestern ranches, he usually stays in the house, however humble, that was already there.
How much money did Ted Turner lose?
Ted Turner, the cable-television pioneer who became one of the richest Americans, recalls the pain of losing his job at Time Warner, his wife, and $7 billion of his fortune.
Robert Edward Turner III (born November 19, 1938) is an American entrepreneur, television producer, media proprietor, and philanthropist.
Children: 5
Spouse(s): Julia Gale Nye (m. 1960; div. 1964); Jane Shirley Smith (m. 1965; div. 1988); Jane Fonda (m. 1991; div. ...
Known for: Founder of TNT TBS and CNN; Co-founder of the Nuclear Threat Initiative; Former Atlanta Hawks owner; Former Atla...
Alma mater: Brown University
Is Ted Turner the real Captain Planet? Best known as the media mogul who founded CNN, Ted Turner is also a conservationist, dedicated to restoring native ...
Throughout his career, Ted Turner has won recognition for his entrepreneurial acumen; sharp business skills; a vision that transformed television; ...
Aug 26, 2022 ˇ Ted Turner, byname of Robert Edward Turner III, (born November 19, 1938, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.), American broadcasting entrepreneur, ...
Born: November 19, 1938 (age 83) Cincinnati Ohio
Notable Family Members: spouse Jane Fonda
Awards And Honors: Peabody Award (1997) America’s Cup (1977)
Ted Turner, who implores folks to “save everything”, owns two million acres of land across America, making him the second largest private landowner in the U.S. ...
Education: Brown University
Official Twitter account for Ted Turner. Entrepreneur; pioneer in sustainable solutions; philanthropist; media mogul; restaurateur. Tweets from Ted & his ...
Ted Turner, who revolutionized news reporting and has done more than anyone to create a true "global village," was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1938.
Place of birth: Cincinnati
Feb 4, 2022 ˇ Ted Turner became Time Warner's largest individual shareholder, and served the parent company as Vice Chairman, with responsibility for cable ...