Snuff Box

2006 ‧ British sitcom ‧ 1 season
8/10 · IMDb 4.3/5 · Google Play
Comedy sketches with Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher.
First episode date: February 27, 2006
Final episode date: April 3, 2006
Director: Michael Cumming
Program creators: Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher
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What is a snuff box used for?
Snuffbox, small, usually ornamented box for holding snuff (a scented, powdered tobacco).
What is in a snuff box?
The main contents of the anatomical snuffbox are the radial artery, a branch of the radial nerve, and the cephalic vein. The radial artery crosses the floor of the anatomical snuffbox in an oblique manner. It runs deep to the extensor tendons.
What is a snuff box and what is it used for?
Snuff boxes are generally pocket sized boxes designed to hold a few grams of snuff for immediate consumption, or communal boxes made for table use.
What does the word snuff box mean?
Snuff Box is a British dark sitcom set in London. Starring and written by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher with additional material by Nick Gargano, it aired on ... Theme music composer: Matt Berry Original release: 27 February –; 3 April 2006 Original network: BBC Three Genre: Dark comedy, sitcom
Rating (2,933)
Snuff Box: With Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher, Terry Wade, Alan Ford. Two hangmen (Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher) compete for women, money and happiness, ...
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MPAA rating : Unrated (Not Rated); Product Dimensions : 7.5 x 5.25 x 0.5 inches; 4.8 Ounces; Director : Michael Cumming ...
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One the best kept secrets in the history of British comedy, SNUFF BOX is the legendary BBC series that's a combination of depraved sitcom about a pair of ...
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SNUFF BOX is the legendary BBC series written by and starring Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher that only aired once yet instantly achieved entered cult infamy.