Police Story 3: Super Cop

R · 1992 ‧ Action/Comedy ‧ 1h 36m
6.9/10 · IMDb 96% · Rotten Tomatoes
Chan Ka-Kui, a Hong Kong police officer, teams up with an Interpol agent to bust a drug-smuggling racket in China. However, the situation gets more complicated when the gang kidnaps his girlfriend.
Initial release: July 4, 1992
Director: Stanley Tong
Music by: Mac Chew; Jenny Chinn; Jonathan Lee; Joel McNeely (U.S)
Box office: Hong Kong: HK$32,609,783; United States: US$16,270,600
Budget: $900,000
Languages: Cantonese; Mandarin; English; Malay
Supercop also known as Police Story 3: Super Cop, is a 1992 Hong Kong action film starring Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. Jackie reprises his "Kevin" Chan ... Plot · Production · Reception · DVD releases Cantonese: Ging2 Chaat3 Gu3 Si6 Saam1 Ciu1 Kap1 Ging2 Chaat3 Mandarin: Jǐngchá Gùshì Sān Chāojí Jǐngchá Country: Hong Kong Release date: 4 July 1992
Rating (20,436)
Though co-scripted by Chan regular Edward Tang (also responsible for the first two entries in the "Police Story" franchise), POLICE STORY III - SUPER COP is ...
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Jul 15, 2020 · "A Hong Kong detective teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart to stop a Chinese ...Duration: 1:57
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Rating (36)
One of the great Hong Kong action comedies. Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh make a formidable team in this exhilarating stunt-fest. "Police Story 3: Super Cop" ( ...
Police Story 3 Super Cop ... A daredevil detective and a fearless Interpol director target a drug lord and his cartel. But a unique run-in could blow their cover ...
Directed by Stanley Tong and featuring non-stop martial arts action, Police Story 3: Supercop is an energetic and explosive entry into the popular Police ...
Police Story 3: Super Cop (Chinese: 警察故事3超級警察; Cantonese Yale: gíng chaat gu sih sāam: Chīu kāp gíng chaat), also known as Super Cop in North ...
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Police Story 3: Supercop. 警察故事III超級警察. Teaming up with Stanley Tong, one of his most reliable collaborators, Jackie turned in this stunning capper ...
Action superstar Jackie Chan is back and hotter than ever in this explosive, thrill-a-minute hit! Now, Jackie's undercover and out of control on a ...Duration: 1:31:00
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