Noddy, Toyland Detective

2016 ‧ Animation ‧ 2 seasons
6.1/10 · IMDb
In this series, young Noddy becomes a detective as he and his friends set out to solve mysteries in Toyland. Whenever something is amiss in the colorful land, Noddy and best friends Bumpy Dog and Revs get on the case to find out what is going on...
First episode date: April 18, 2016
Final episode date: March 22, 2020
Program creators: Myles McLeod, Enid Blyton, and Heath Kenny
Languages: English and French
S02 E426 · The Case of the Lost Cows; The Case of the Burst Tyres
Mar 22, 2020
S02 E422 · The case of the changed basketball hoop/the case of the big pile of cabbages
Feb 23, 2020
S02 E408 · The case of the deltoid's missing strength/the case of the golden thing
Oct 27, 2019
S02 E54 · The Fabulous Toyland Treasure
Apr 12, 2020
S02 E53 · The True Fairies
Aug 26, 2019
S02 E52 · Noddy and the Case of the Raining Carrots
S02 E51 · Noddy and the Case of the Unfunny Clown
S02 E49 · The Case of The Diablo
Mar 12, 2020
S02 E48 · The Pirates Treasure
Mar 8, 2020
S02 E47 · The Case of the Perfect Gift
Mar 8, 2020
S02 E44 · The Case of the Farmer Tom's Ruined Crops
Dec 20, 2019
S02 E43 · The Case of the Changed Basketball Hoop
Dec 20, 2019
S02 E42 · The Case of the Empty Store
Dec 19, 2019
S02 E41 · The Case of the Missing Players
Dec 18, 2019
S02 E40 · The Broken Pulley
Sep 27, 2019
S02 E39 · The Runaway Treasure Chest
Sep 19, 2019
S02 E38 · Fuse's New Game
Sep 26, 2019
S02 E37 · The Delayed Repairs
Sep 25, 2019
S02 E36 · The Messed-Up Painting
Sep 24, 2019
S02 E35 · The Pockets' Present
Sep 23, 2019
S02 E34 · Deltoid's Challenge
Sep 20, 2019
S02 E33 · The Knights on Patrol
Sep 18, 2019
S02 E32 · The Two Parties
Sep 17, 2019
S02 E31 · The Missing Suitcase
Sep 16, 2019
S02 E30 · The Vanished Ninjas
Sep 13, 2019
S02 E29 · The Case of the Silent Parrot
Sep 12, 2019
S02 E28 · Missing Smartysaurus
Sep 11, 2019
S02 E27 · The Bird That Can't Fly
Sep 10, 2019
S02 E26 · The Damaged Magic Box
Sep 9, 2019
S02 E25 · The Case of the Knocked Down Fences
May 10, 2019
S02 E24 · The Case of the Clockwork Mystery
May 9, 2019
S02 E23 · The Case of the Lost Pirates
May 8, 2019
S02 E22 · The Case of the Upset Captain
May 7, 2019
S02 E21 · The Case of Revs and Tractor
May 6, 2019
S02 E20 · The Case of the Missing Investigation Kit
May 3, 2019
S02 E19 · The Case of the Unfinished Building
May 2, 2019
S02 E18 · The Case of the Ruined Race
May 1, 2019
S02 E17 · The Case of the Toyland Circus
Apr 30, 2019
S02 E16 · The Case of the Golden Thing
Apr 29, 2019
S02 E15 · The Case of Deltoid's Missing Strength
Apr 26, 2019
S02 E14 · The Case of the Stuck Toys
Apr 25, 2019
S02 E13 · The Case of the Untidy Pirates
Apr 24, 2019
S02 E12 · Bumpy's Burst Ball / Missing Wings
Apr 23, 2019
S02 E11 · Disappearing Special Things / Grey Coins
Apr 22, 2019
S02 E10 · The Case of the Missing Banner
Nov 2, 2018
S02 E09 · Fly Away Balloons / Missing Brick
Mar 18, 2017
S02 E08 · Moving Train Tracks / King of Toyland
Mar 18, 2017
S02 E07 · The Case of the Fallen Star
Oct 30, 2018
S02 E06 · The Case of the Super Space Rocket
Oct 26, 2018
S02 E05 · Spooky Noise / Upset Animals
Oct 25, 2018
S02 E04 · Disappearing Rainbow/Flying Toy
Oct 24, 2018
People also ask
Will there be a season 3 of Noddy, Toyland Detective?
The 3rd season of Noddy Toyland Detective will be airing in September the 20th 2020. It will also show more of Smartysaurus' clumsiness.
How many seasons did Noddy, Toyland Detective have?
Noddy, Toyland Detective / Number of seasons
Where can I watch Noddy cartoon?
You are able to stream Noddy, Toyland Detective by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.
What was Noddy's dog called?
lives with Tessie Bear, but accompanies Noddy on many adventures. Noddy first met the Bumpy Dog in Toytown because he was injured and Noddy used his scarf to help him. Noddy felt he was unable to have Bumpy Dog live with him, so Tessie Bear offered to keep him.
Noddy, Toyland Detective is a French-British-American computer animated series featuring the character Noddy created by Enid Blyton.
Cast and characters · Episodes · Series 1 · Series 2
Original release: April 18, 2016 –; March 22, 2020
First shown in: 2016
Related shows: Make Way for Noddy; Noddy in Toyland
Based on: Noddy; by Enid Blyton
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Duration: 1:04:45
Posted: Aug 30, 2018
Rating (116)
Noddy turns detective. Accompanied by his dog Bumpy and car Revs, Noddy travels to the four corners of Toyland to investigate mysteries. Big Ears and Clockwork ...
Noddy is Toyland's new detective. If there's something lost, missing or unusual happening in Toyland, Noddy and his friends, Bumpy Dog and Revs the car are ...
Noddy, Toyland Detective (French: Oui-Oui, Enquêtes au Pays des Jouets) is a French-British-American computer animated series featuring the character Noddy ...
No. of episodes: 104
No. of seasons: 2
Country of origin: France; United Kingdom; United States
Noddy, Toyland Detective (French: Oui-Oui, Enquêtes au Pays des Jouets) is a French-British-American computer-animated series featuring the ...
Duration: 33:22
Posted: Oct 13, 2021
Rating · Review by Melissa Camacho
NODDY, TOYLAND DETECTIVE is a preschool series featuring one of Europe's most popular children's characters. It stars Noddy (voiced by Valin Shinyei), a wooden ...
Rating (12)
Noddy Toyland Detective ... Toyland’s boy detective, Noddy, solves mysteries and finds missing objects with help from his friends: a panda, a superhero, a ...
Noddy is Toyland's new detective! If there's something lost, missing or unusual happening, Noddy and his friends will work to uncover clues to the mystery ...