Little Big Shots

2016 ‧ Talent show ‧ 4 seasons
7/10 · IMDb
The next generation of remarkable young people from the United States and all corners of the globe show off the impressive talents that set them apart and share their inspiring and hilarious stories -- from future heroes, explorers-in-training and...
No. of episodes: 47 + 1 special
No. of seasons: 4
First episode date: March 8, 2016
Network: NBC
Music by: Joshua Atchley; Bleeding Fingers Music
S04 E13 · The World Just Touches My Heart
May 24, 2020
S04 E12 · Lean on Me
May 24, 2020
S04 E11 · Endless Dreams That Are Reachable
May 17, 2020
S04 E10 · Together We'll See It Through
May 3, 2020
S04 E09 · Strong Is the New Pretty
Apr 26, 2020
S04 E08 · Be Mighty
Apr 19, 2020
S04 E07 · I May Be Short but My Dreams Are Giant
Apr 5, 2020
S04 E06 · On Top of the World
Mar 29, 2020
S04 E05 · Great Big Little Music Show
Mar 22, 2020
S04 E04 · Best Day of My Life
Mar 15, 2020
S04 E03 · Icing on the Cake
Mar 8, 2020
S04 E02 · You Be You
Mar 1, 2020
S04 E01 · You Don't Have to Be Big, To Be a Big Deal
Feb 24, 2020
S03 E13 · Little Big Holiday Special
Dec 12, 2018
S03 E12 · Double the Fun
Jul 12, 2018
S03 E11 · Brotherly Love
Jul 5, 2018
S03 E10 · Steveosaurus Rex
Jun 28, 2018
S03 E09 · Give Us S'Mores
Jun 21, 2018
S03 E08 · Little Ninja Warrior
Jun 14, 2018
S03 E07 · Tour De Harvey
Apr 29, 2018
S03 E06 · Too Many Chefs
Apr 22, 2018
S03 E05 · Beauty and the Steve
Apr 15, 2018
S03 E04 · Little Miss Sunshine
Apr 8, 2018
S03 E03 · Eggcellent Eggsperiment
Mar 25, 2018
S03 E02 · We're in La La Land
Mar 18, 2018
S03 E01 · Third Time's a Charm
Mar 18, 2018
S02 E13 · The Grande Finale
Jun 14, 2017
S02 E12 · The Magic Johnsons
Jun 7, 2017
S02 E11 · Little Big News
May 31, 2017
S02 E10 · Memory Lane
May 14, 2017
S02 E09 · Little Big Steppers
May 7, 2017
S02 E08 · Bend It Like Bella
Apr 30, 2017
S02 E07 · The Snail Whisperer
Apr 23, 2017
S02 E06 · Tiny Dancer
Apr 9, 2017
S02 E05 · Tugging on the Harp Strings
Apr 2, 2017
S02 E04 · The Princess and the Hot Dog
Mar 26, 2017
S02 E03 · New Sheriff in Town
Mar 19, 2017
S02 E02 · Little Barber Shop
Mar 12, 2017
S02 E01 · We're Back
Mar 5, 2017
S01 E09 · Best of Little Big Shots
May 8, 2016
S01 E08 · The Idiom of Love
May 1, 2016
S01 E07 · Little Piano Man
Apr 17, 2016
S01 E06 · The Karate Kid
Apr 10, 2016
S01 E05 · Little Piece of Heavenly
Apr 3, 2016
S01 E04 · A One, Two Punch
Mar 27, 2016
S01 E03 · I'm Not a Princess
Mar 20, 2016
S01 E02 · Little Boy Blue
Mar 13, 2016
S01 E01 · Little Bruce Lee
Mar 8, 2016
People also ask
Was Little Big Shots Cancelled?
Where do I watch Little Big Shots?
How to Watch Little Big Shots. Right now you can watch Little Big Shots on HBO Max or Hulu Plus.
How old are the kids on Little Big Shots?
In September 2017, the series was renewed for a second season, this time featuring children aged 4 to 13. Although the series did not return in 2019, auditions for a third season were announced in August 2019 for an expected broadcast in 2020.
Will there be a season 5 of Little Big Shots?
As of August 10, 2022, Little Big Shots has not been cancelled or renewed for a fifth season. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to automatically receive updates about this TV show? Sign up for our FREE email alerts.
Little Big Shots - Watch episodes on and the NBC App. Melissa McCarthy celebrates a new generation of remarkable young people.
Little Big Shots (also known as LBS) is an American variety television series co-created and produced by Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres.
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Production locations: Television City; Hollywood, California (2016–2018); Warner Bros. Studios; Burbank, California (2020)
Executive producers: Ellen DeGeneres; Melissa McCarthy; Ben Falcone; Steve Harvey; Jeff Kleeman; Alison Holloway; Ed Glavin; ...
Presented by: Steve Harvey; Melissa McCarthy
Rating (513)
Hosted by the hilarious and incredibly charming Steve Harvey, he presents children from all over the world who possess amazing talents ~ everything from singing ...
Rating (7)
New Sheriff in Town: Directed by Russell Norman. With Steve Harvey. Five year-old cowboy, eight year-old slack liner, four year-old geography whiz and a ...
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Nov 23, 2020 · It's time to look back at the most popular clips on the Little Big Shots YouTube channel. From ...
Duration: 33:55
Posted: Nov 23, 2020
From Ellen DeGeneres, Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone comes a show that celebrates a new generation of remarkable young people: Little Big Shots.
Rating · Review by Emily Ashby
Feb 26, 2022 · LITTLE BIG SHOTS is a comedy-variety series in which child prodigies put their talents on display. Executive-produced by Ellen DeGeneres and ...
Little Big Shots ... Remarkable kids from all corners of the globe show off their talents and share inspiring stories. Future heroes, explorers-in-training, ...
Little Big Shots. Little but mighty. Watch #LittleBigShots streaming on @peacocktv. 155 posts. 105K followers. 222 following.
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