Kickin' It

2011 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 4 seasons
6.5/10 · IMDb
Run by Sensei Rudy, the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy is the worst dojo in the nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain and is in danger of closing. But things change when Jack reluctantly joins the dojo and meets his new crew, including tough guy...
First episode date: June 13, 2011
No. of episodes: 84 (list of episodes)
Production company: It's a Laugh Productions
Sam: Rio Mangini
S04 E18 · The Grandmaster
Mar 25, 2015
S04 E17 · You Don't Know Jack
Mar 11, 2015
S04 E16 · Bringing Down the House
Mar 4, 2015
S04 E15 · Kickin It in the Office
Sep 25, 2014
S04 E14 · Seaford Hustle
Aug 4, 2014
S04 E13 · Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!
Jul 28, 2014
S04 E12 · Full Metal Jack
Jul 21, 2014
S04 E11 · Tightroping the Shark
Jul 18, 2014
S04 E10 · Fight at the Museum
Jun 30, 2014
S04 E09 · Battle of Seaford Hill
Jun 23, 2014
S04 E08 · The Amazing Krupnick
Jun 16, 2014
S04 E07 · Invasion of the Ghost Pirates
Apr 14, 2014
S04 E06 · RV There Yet?
Apr 7, 2014
S04 E05 · Nerd With a Cape
Mar 31, 2014
S04 E04 · The Stang
Mar 10, 2014
S04 E03 · From Zeroes to Heroes
Mar 3, 2014
S04 E02 · Gold Diggers
Feb 24, 2014
S04 E01 · The Boys Are Back in Town
Feb 17, 2014
S03 E22 · Wasabi Forever
Jan 27, 2014
S03 E21 · Return of Spyfall
Jan 20, 2014
S03 E20 · How Bobby Got His Groove Back
Jan 13, 2014
S03 E19 · Queen of Karts
Nov 25, 2013
S03 E18 · School of Jack
Nov 18, 2013
S03 E17 · Home Alone in School
Nov 11, 2013
S03 E16 · Mama Mima
Nov 4, 2013
S03 E15 · Temple of Doom
Oct 14, 2013
S03 E14 · Seafood, We Had a Problem
Oct 7, 2013
S03 E13 · Fawlty Temple
Sep 30, 2013
S03 E12 · The New Girl
Sep 23, 2013
S03 E11 · Gabby's Gold
Aug 12, 2013
S03 E10 · Sensei & Sensibility
Jul 15, 2013
S03 E09 · Win, Lose or Ty
Jul 8, 2013
S03 E08 · Two Dates and a Funeral
Jul 1, 2013
S03 E07 · Jack Stands Alone
Jun 26, 2013
S03 E06 · Witless Protection
Jun 17, 2013
S03 E05 · Meet the McKrupniks
May 6, 2013
S03 E04 · The Sub Sinker
Apr 29, 2013
S03 E03 · Glove Hurts
Apr 15, 2013
S03 E02 · Dueling Dojos
Apr 8, 2013
S03 E01 · Spyfall
Apr 1, 2013
S02 E24 · Oh, Christmas Nuts!
Dec 3, 2012
S02 E22 · Kickin' It On Our Own: Part 1
S02 E21 · Karate Games
Nov 12, 2012
S02 E20 · New Jack City
Nov 5, 2012
S02 E19 · All the President's Friends
Sep 3, 2012
S02 E18 · Sole Brothers
Oct 22, 2012
S02 E17 · Wazombie Warriors
Oct 15, 2012
S02 E16 · Wedding Crashers
Oct 8, 2012
S02 E15 · A Slip Down Memory Lane
Oct 1, 2012
S02 E14 · Hit the Road Jack
Sep 2, 2012
S02 E13 · The Chosen One
Sep 17, 2012
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Why did Eddie leave Kickin?
Why did they leave Kickin' It? Alex Christian Jones (who plays Eddie Jones) did not reprise his role as Eddie in Season 3 or 4. In the last episode, Oh Christmas Nuts, it is implied that he quit the dojo or he got kicked off the dojo by Rudy because he had low karate ratings and wasn't as flexible and ultimately left.
Did kickin it get Cancelled?
Remember Disney XD's Kickin' It? The show premiered nearly 10 years ago on June 13, 2011, and it's seriously shocking how fast time has flown by! As fans know, the series ended in March 2015, after four epic seasons, and everyone was pretty sad to see it go.
Are Kim and Jack from Kickin It dating?
Kick is the official romantic pairing of Kim Crawford and Jack Brewer. It is the show's most popular pairing. For the real-life pairing of Leo Howard and Olivia Holt, see Leolivia. ... Kim and Jack are now a couple.
Why did Milton and Julie break up?
Julie- Milton had a crush on Julie ever since he first saw her in chemistry. They soon go on a date that was set up by Kim and Jack. ... Later, in Rowdy Rudy, Milton believes she wants to kiss him because she said she wanted to the next level. It is later shown that they have broken up.
Kickin' It is an American comedy television series created by Jim O'Doherty that aired on Disney XD from June 13, 2011 to March 25, 2015. Premise · Episodes · Production · Broadcast Original release: June 13, 2011 –; March 25, 2015 Theme music composer: Ali Dee Theodore; Jordan Yaeger; Julian Michael Davis; Jason Gleed Original network: Disney XD Producer: Joey Scott
Kickin' It: Created by Jim O'Doherty. With Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Snyder, Mateo Arias, Jason Earles. A once-in-a-generation young karate fighter named Jack ...
Kickin' It ... The series will follow the crew of lovable misfits- Jack, Jerry, Milton and Kim - and their Sensei Rudy - at Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy as ...
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Sep 16, 2013 · It's Karate-Con and the Wasabi Dojo has their eyes set on a new student.Watch Kickin' It on ...Duration: 1:40
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Kickin' It Wiki is dedicated to the American comedy television series, which debuted on June 13, 2011 on Disney XD. The main cast includes Leo Howard, ...
Kickin' It is American comedy television series, which debuted on June 13, 2011 on Disney XD. The series stars former Hannah Montana star Jason Earles and ... Location(s): San Jose, California (setting); Hollywood Center Studios, Hollywood, California; (taping location) No. of series: 4 Opening theme: "Kickin' It with You", performed with Victoria Rocks Original channel: Disney XD
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Jul 13, 2021 · Watching Jack, Milton, Jerry, Kim, Eddie, Rudy and the rest of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy squad take on the world together was ...