Hijinks means playful, mischievous, or rowdy activity. It is also spelled high jinks. Both spellings of the word are used with a plural verb, as in My cousins' hijinks are legendary. Hijinks usually implies a combination of fun and mischief.
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Is it hijinks or high jinks?
High jinks, also spelled hi-jinks, is defined in our dictionary as "boisterous or rambunctious carryings-on" or "carefree antics or horseplay," and if it sounds a bit old-fashioned, that's because it is. High jinks was in its heyday in the mid-1900s, though it still sees plenty of use today.
What does jinks mean in slang?
Jinks may refer to: Jinx, a type of curse placed on a person, or a person afflicted with a similar curse, and also a slang term used when two people say the same thing at the same time.
Where did hijinks come from?
High jinks was a popular 18th-century drinking game in Scotland. The game involved throwing a die, and if the caster got a bad score, they had to choose between drinking more alcohol or performing an undignified task. The term "high jinks" is now commonly used to refer to any prank or frolic.
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Examples of 'hijinks' in a sentence

She looked like she might be frosted by our hijinks but she surprised me, calling out, ` Nice to see you, Doug. ...
Packed with hijinks and hilarity, it won't just be the little ones laughing. ...
More super sci-fi hijinks as the epic saga continues its second season.
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Hi-Jinks is a hidden camera show that premiered on Nick at Nite in 2005. The show is hosted by Leila Sbitani. The show gives parents a chance to play...

No. of episodes: 18
Production companies: Banyan Productions (season 1); Stone and Company Entertainment (season 2); Nick at Nite Original Pro...
Original network: Nick at Nite
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Hi-Jinks: With Priscilla Star Diaz, David Storrs, Chris Andrew Ciulla, Paige Cooper. The second season of HiJinks brings you more pranks...more celebrity...
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Get in on the joke with Hi-Jinks, Nick@Nite's hidden camera show where parents play good-natured pranks on kids. Genres: Unscripted. Subtitles: English [CC].
noisy and rowdy activity, usually involving mischievous pranks. where you there last night? hi-jinks were off the hook!! by bot tech September 17, 2005.
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Hi-Jinks. Comedy 2005 iTunes. Available on iTunes. Get your giggle on with Nick at Nite's hidden-camera show, where parents play good-natured pranks on kids...
also hi-jinks, high jinks, "boisterous capers, lively or boisterous sport," 1842, from name of games played at drinking parties (1690s). See jink. Entries...
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"Tricks@Nite" features an all-new episode of the network's popular hidden camera series "Hi-Jinks" as well as a "Roseanne" marathon. [07/05...