Happily Divorced

2011 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 2 seasons
6.8/10 ∑ IMDb 44% ∑ Rotten Tomatoes 8.3/10 ∑
Fran Drescher stars in this comedy series based on her real-life experience. Drescher plays a Los Angeles florist, Fran, whose marriage ends after 18 years when her husband reveals that he is gay. But he can't afford to move out, causing them to...
First episode date: June 15, 2011
Final episode date: February 13, 2013
Executive producers: Keith Cox and Larry W. Jones
Program creators: Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson
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When was happily divorced?
The series is based on Drescher and Jacobson's real-life divorce and his eventual coming out. The series ran from June 15, 2011 to February 13, 2013. On August 23, 2013, TV Land cancelled the series after two seasons. A total of thirty-four episodes were produced and aired.
What is happily divorced based on?
Happily Divorced is inspired by the real lives of series creators Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson, who had been high school sweethearts and then married in 1978. They divorced in 1999. Jacobson later came out as gay to Drescher and the two remained friends.
Why was happily divorced Cancelled?
TV Land Cancels Happily Divorced. TV Land has parted ways with Happily Divorced, canceling the Fran Drescher comedy after two seasons due to low ratings, per Deadline. The series — which was loosely based on Drescher's real life — aired its final episode in February. TVLine's Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated.
How long did happily divorced last?
Happily Divorced joins fellow TV Land sitcom Retired At 35, which also was cancelled after 3 seasons.
Happily Divorced is an American sitcom created by Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. Cast and charactersEpisodesDevelopment and ...Critical reception No. of seasons: 2 No. of episodes: 34 (list of episodes) Production companies: Uh-Oh Productions; TV Land Original Productions Executive producers: Fran Drescher; Keith Cox; Larry W. Jones; Peter Marc Jacobson
Fran is a florist living in L.A. with her gay ex-husband Peter. With the support of her best friend Judi and her parents, Fran dives into the dating scene, hoping for †...
Rating (2,851)
Created by Fran Drescher, Peter Marc Jacobson. With Fran Drescher, John Michael Higgins, Tichina Arnold, Valente Rodriguez. In their 18 years of marriage ,†...
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Nov 10, 2018Fran Finds Out Her Husband Is Gay | Happily Divorced S1 EP1 | Full Episodes ... Fran is ...Duration: 19:37
Posted: Nov 10, 2018
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The sitcom is based on actual events in star Fran Drescher's life, and she and her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, are executive producers. More.
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Happily Divorced. Critics Consensus. Fans of Fran Drescher's signature nasal voice and comedy style may enjoy this sitcom throwback, but the poor punchlines †...
Rating (184)
happily divorced is created by her own life! poor fran drescher. had to go through such bad things when she was young. and after such a long marriage really†...
Happily Divorced. 133762 likes ∑ 37 talking about this. Starring Fran Drescher!
Happily Divorced. S1 E1 Pilot. Fran Lovett and her husband Peter, who recently came out as gay, discover the difficulties of going their separate ways while†...
Show Information. Happily Divorced. The former "Nanny" actress and comedienne, Fran Drescher, stars as a woman who re-enters†...