Touch of Eva

Gossip Girl episode (season 4, episode 4)
Nate suspects that Juliet may be keeping a big secret from him, so he decides to confront her, Blair makes plans to undermine Chuck's newfound happiness, and Dan finds himself torn between his feelings for Serena and Vanessa.
Air date: October 4, 2010
Written by: Leila Gerstein
Episode no: Season 4; Episode 4
Touch of Eva is the 4th episode of the fourth season and the 69th overall. Overnight, our brooding billionaire has become a generous gentleman.Duration: 3:36
Posted: Oct 4, 2010
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Did Chuck really love Eva?
Arguably the only character in the show that Chuck ever showed any real, genuine and deep affection for aside from Blair was Eva Coupeau. ... She ended up turning him into a charitable, kind man for a while, before Blair set them up, mislead Chuck and he broke up with her.
Who is Ivan Gossip Girl?
Eva is revealed to be 20 years old. Clémence Poésy and Christian Coulson (who plays Chuck's valet, Ivan) have both appeared in Harry Potter.
Which episode does Eva leave?
"Touch of Eva" is the 69th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, as well as the fourth episode of the show's fourth season. The episode was written by Leila Gerstein and directed by Andrew McCarthy. It aired on Monday, October 4, 2010 on the CW.
Does Eva leave Chuck?
Meanwhile, Blair is jealous of Chuck's new relationship and sets out to break them up. She successfully accomplishes this by setting Eva up to look like she knew who Chuck was when she saved him. As a result, Eva breaks up with him and returns to Europe.
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Nate suspects that Juliet is keeping a big secret from him and decides to confront her. Blair schemes to undermine Chuck's newfound happiness.
"Touch of Eva" is the 69th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, as well as the fourth episode of the show's fourth season. Plot · Production · Fashion · Reception
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Be careful what you wish for, Blair. Because will you get it. In abundance. Last night's Gossip Girl was the latest in a string of solid episodes this.
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