The Undergraduates

Gossip Girl episode (season 4, episode 3)
The friends are all back on the Upper East Side for the start of the new college term. Blair arrives for her first day at Columbia and attempts to join an ultra-exclusive social club, Serena starts to think that Juliet is trying to sabotage her...
Air date: September 27, 2010
Director: Norman Buckley
Episode no: Season 4; Episode 3
The Undergraduates is the 3rd episode of the fourth season and 68th overall. ... Rumor has it S and B changed their relationship status from besties to roomies. Recap · Starring Written by: Amanda Lasher Air date: September 27, 2010
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Does anyone from Gossip Girl graduate college?
Did anyone on Gossip Girl finish college? ... Except for Chuck Bass because, well, he's Chuck Bass and doesn't care about college. After a season or two of them being responsible college students, though, it seems like no one is going to class anymore.
What sorority was Blair Waldorf in?
What degree did Blair Waldorf study?
What universities do the Gossip Girl characters go to?
Columbia University is an Ivy League university located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The real-life campus is used in filming scenes of the university in Gossip Girl.
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On her first day at Columbia, Blair attempts to gain membership into an ultra-exclusive social club, Hamilton House, but she's in for a few big surprises.
"The Undergraduates" is the 68th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, as well as the third episode of the show's fourth season.
Sep 28, 2010 · The episode opens with Blair checking Gossip Girl and finding out that the website is under construction. She frets that people won't know ...
Sep 27, 2010 · Serena: Good. I forgot how exciting the first day of school can be. New fall wardrobe, fresh slate. The fact that Gossip Girl isn't around to ...
Sep 28, 2010 · Last night, Intel Jessica watched Gossip Girl with someone who ... but it is not a private undergraduate club, and it is certainly not in ...
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Sep 27, 2010 · Serena, in a flowing black and white Jenny Packham dress, arrives at Fashion's Night Out to confront Blair. Gossip Girl streams the faceoff live ...