Good Girls episode (season 3, episode 11)
Beth and Dean offer to buy Four Star Pool and Spa from Gayle; Dean is determined to make it a legitimate business; tensions rise between Ruby and Stan, culminating in the trio making a drastic decision; Phoebe gets even closer to cracking the...
Air date: May 3, 2020
'Good Girls' recap: Tensions between Ruby and Stan help spark the women's next bold move. Here's what happens in the Season 3 finale.Posted: May 3, 2020
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Ruby and Stan seem to be at a crossroads; Beth and Dean make Gayle an offer she can't refuse; FBI agent Finnegan tries to worm her way into the girls' world. Sound mix: Stereo
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Is Rio in love with Beth?
'Good Girls' showrunner Bill Krebs hinted that Rio is in love with Beth. Since their encounter in season 2, Rio and Beth have only maintained their business relationship. ... In season 3, Beth continued to work with Rio even after he had her co-worker, Lucy (Charlyne Yi).
Did Good Girls get Cancelled?
And yet, one month later, Good Girls was cancelled. ... Multiple sources connected to NBC, Universal Television and the show, however, maintain that the reasons behind Good Girls' unceremonious termination extend beyond mere dollars and cents.
Do Stan and Ruby break up?
This caused tension between the two and the only reason Stan stayed with Ruby was for their children. However, he later learned to forgive Ruby and the two worked together to keep her criminal career a secret from Stan's co-workers.
Does Beth get pregnant?
Beth blurts out that she's pregnant (she's got to be faking, right?) and we cut to Beth and Dean in the sack, where she instructs him: “Again.” Is she actually trying to get pregnant to avoid being killed? That's some defensive strategy! Ruby and Stan create a safe word for when Ruby conducts business with her gals.
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