Elmo's World

1998 ‧ Children's television series ‧ 37 seasons
6.2/10 ˇ IMDb
Elmo takes great joy in discovering the fanciful world around him, going on journeys to fantastic places and fostering imagination, curiosity and exploration. with a rotating cast of friends.
Ending theme: The Close Song (usually sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells)"(1998–2009); The Happy Dance (2017–present)
Opening theme: Elmo's World Theme Song (sung to "Elmo's Song" prior to 2017)
Network: PBS
Genre: Children's show; Educational; Puppet show; Segment
S38 E08 ˇ Noses; Making Scarecrow
Apr 18, 2013
S38 E07 ˇ Cliptecs; Mouths
Apr 18, 2013
S37 E03 ˇ Building Things
Sep 2, 2010
S37 E03 ˇ Friends
Jul 9, 2006
S37 E01 ˇ Doctors
Jul 3, 2006
S31 E04 ˇ Bakers; Flowers Plants Trees
Jan 31, 2013
S31 E03 ˇ Secret Agents; Excercise
Jan 29, 2013
S31 E02 ˇ Drawings; Tie Dyeing Jamaica
Jan 24, 2013
S12 E06 ˇ Ramps
Jul 26, 2021
S12 E05 ˇ Turtles
Jul 16, 2021
S12 E04 ˇ Sports
Jul 15, 2021
S12 E03 ˇ Machines
Jul 14, 2021
S12 E02 ˇ Spiders
Jul 12, 2021
S12 E01 ˇ Dog Walkers
Jan 12, 2021
S11 E07 ˇ Bees
Jul 9, 2018
S11 E06 ˇ Instruments
Jul 5, 2018
S11 E05 ˇ Siblings
Jul 3, 2018
S11 E04 ˇ Books
Jan 4, 2018
S11 E03 ˇ Habitat
Jan 3, 2018
S11 E02 ˇ Father's Day
Jan 2, 2018
S11 E01 ˇ Counting
Jan 1, 2018
S10 E21 ˇ Garden
Dec 31, 2017
S10 E20 ˇ Recycling
Dec 31, 2017
S10 E19 ˇ Seasons
Dec 30, 2017
S10 E18 ˇ Colors
Dec 29, 2017
S10 E17 ˇ Restaurant
Dec 29, 2017
S10 E16 ˇ Types of Homes
Dec 28, 2017
S10 E15 ˇ Songs
Dec 28, 2017
S10 E14 ˇ Painting
Dec 27, 2017
S10 E13 ˇ Cooking
Dec 27, 2017
S10 E12 ˇ Camouflage
Dec 26, 2017
S10 E11 ˇ Routines
Dec 26, 2017
S10 E10 ˇ Sharing
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E09 ˇ Kindness
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E08 ˇ Friends
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E07 ˇ Flowers
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E06 ˇ Dress Up
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E05 ˇ Doctors
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E04 ˇ Dinosaurs
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E03 ˇ Dancing
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E02 ˇ Birthdays
Oct 29, 2017
S10 E01 ˇ Babies
Oct 29, 2017
S09 E06 ˇ Rodeo; Beaches
Apr 16, 2013
S09 E05 ˇ Penguins; Bangladesh Art Class
Apr 11, 2013
S09 E01 ˇ Episode 1
Jan 22, 2013
S08 E01 ˇ Penguin Sleep
Dec 27, 2011
S07 E02 ˇ Helping
Jul 25, 2010
S07 E01 ˇ Flowers, Bananas and More!
Jan 4, 2010
S06 E02 ˇ Fast and Slow
Jul 6, 2006
S05 E10 ˇ Skin
Dec 20, 2005
S05 E09 ˇ School
Dec 20, 2005
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Elmo's high-pitched voice is a sonic desecration. It is the sound of a grown man twisting and straining his vocal chords to imitate a three-year-old for an audience of three-year-olds, who, even at that age, should feel patronized. ... It is the sound of vocal polyps being formed.
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February 3
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Sesame Street Muppet Monster
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Elmo's World is a segment shown at the end of the American children's television program Sesame Street. It premiered on November 16, 1998, as part of the ... Original release: Original series: November 16, 1998; 22 years ago – November 27, 2009; 11 years ago; Revived series: January ... Picture format: NTSC (1998–2007); HDTV 720p & 1080i; (2008–present) Audio format: Stereo (1998–2001); Dolby Surround (2002–2006); Dolby Digital (2007–present) No. of episodes: 127 (including specials)