Ann Veal

Played by: Mae Whitman
Parents: Mrs Veal and Pastor Veal
Ann Veal is the bland romantic interest of George Michael and G.O.B. ... Annabelle Paul Veal was George Michael's occasional bland girlfriend and later G.O.B.'s ...
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Why does George Michael like Ann?
George-Michael Bluth George-Michael started dating Ann as a means to distract himself from his cousin Maeby, whom he was attracted to. He weakly justifies going out with her by saying "she's really funny", despite her obvious humourlessness.
Is Ann older than George Michael?
He has an older brother, G.O.B. (pronounced like the biblical character Job), a younger half-brother, Buster, and a twin sister, Lindsay (she is later revealed to be adopted and older than Michael). He also has an adopted Korean brother named Annyong, who is almost 20 years younger. When his father George Sr.
Ann Paul Veal was George-Michael's ex-girlfriend from the TV series Arrested Development. She is portrayed by Alessandra Torresani in the first season and ... Biography ˇ Romances ˇ George-Michael Bluth Nicknames: Plant; Egg; Plain; Ann Hog; Bland; Yam; And; Mouth; Blank; Her Full Name: Ann Paul Veal
Dec 8, 2020 ˇ On Arrested Development, Good Girls star Mae Whitman played Ann Veal -- the girlfriend of George Michael Bluth.
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Arrested Development (TV Series 2003–2019) Mae Whitman as Ann Veal.
Mar 9, 2018 ˇ George Michael's unfortunately bland girlfriend Ann (or Egg or Plant or Yam) was the butt of many jokes for how she continually failed to ...
Ann Veal is the daughter of an extremely religious family and the girlfriend of George Michael during the first couple seasons. Ann fell for George Michael ...
It's as Ann as the nose on plain's face. #arrested development#michael bluth#ann veal. 115 notes.
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