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Alfonso Patiño Gómez
Alfonso Patiño Gómez is a writer and director, known for Cuando baja la marea (1949), Las canciones unidas (1960) and Cinco minutos de amor (1941).

Writer: A Love at Every Fair (1961)
Actor: ¡Viva México! (1934)
Director: Las canciones unidas (1960)
Known For: Cuando baja la marea Writer (1949)
Alfonso Patiño Gómez (Ciudad de México, 18 de agosto de 1910 - ibídem, 1977) fue un periodista, productor, director y guionista cinematográfico mexicano.
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Alfonso Patiño Gómez. Aug 18, 1910 - 1977. Alfonso Patiño Gómez is a film director, producer and screenwriter. Show lessRead more. Translate with Google.
Jun 30, 2021 · Mexican journalist, film director and film producer.
Alfonso Patiño Gómez ( Mexico City , 18 of August of 1910 - ibid , 1977 ) was a journalist , producer , director and screenwriter movie Mexican .
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