Episode 10

1000 Ways to Die episode (season 2, episode 10)
A prank gun that shoots cigarettes ends up being deadlier than intended.
Air date: February 10, 2010
"1000 Ways to Die" Episode 22. Originally aired February 10, 2010. Title reference: Online chat terminology. -- This is the Original Episode -- Way to Die ... You're Dead! LOL! ˇ Samurai Death Squad ˇ Shafted ˇ Exhaustdead
Rating (22)
You're Dead! LOL!: Directed by Tom McMahon. With Ron Perlman, Sifu Todd Tei, Thomas Carmichael, Noland Sims Jr.. A moron gets smoked by cigarettes; ...
A moron gets smoked by cigarettes; a remote glider crashes into the owner; a reject boyfriend gets rejected; a dog walker gets hounded to death; ...
Rating (20)
Watch 1000 Ways to Die Season 2 Episode 10 You're dead! LOL! online now. Stream the full You're dead! LOL! episode.
From being baked alive in an industrial oven to snorting fire ants, premature deaths from the bizarre to the moronic to the unlucky are reenacted and ...
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Sep 12, 2021 ˇ This video requires payment to watch. 1000 Ways To Die S2 • E10. You ...Duration: 21:07
Posted: Sep 12, 2021
Feb 9, 2010 ˇ Death in the 70's! A mean girl gets a chubby bunny, a juicer gets juiced, a thief bites his tongue and a biker boy craps out.
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1000 Ways to Die (2008–2012): Season 2, Episode 10 - You're Dead! LOL! - full transcript. A moron gets smoked by cigarettes; a remote glider crashes into ...
In this episode of 1000 Ways to Die a dogwalker who hates dogs gets dragged to her death, a remove glider pilot who loses his plane end up finding it …