The Hustler
Since 2021, Ferguson has hosted the American game show The Hustler on the ABC television network.
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Is Craig Ferguson still with his wife?
Craig Ferguson's wife is Megan Wallace Cunningham. The couple married in 2008 in a private ceremony on Cunningham's family farm in Chester, Vermont. They have a son, Liam James, who was born in 2011. Ferguson's wife, Megan, was born in 1975 and works as an art dealer.
Where is Craig Kilborn?
He joined “The Rich Eisen Show” near the end of 2019 and recently sat down for a lengthy interview on Ryen Russillo's show on The Ringer's podcast network. Kilborn, who is retired and splits his time between Los Angeles and Rancho Mirage, agreed to answer my questions via email for The Athletic's Media Week.
How much does Craig Ferguson make a year?
How old is Craig Ferguson now?
59 years (May 17, 1962)
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Jun 9, 2021 · On 4 January 2021, he came with his new Craig Ferguson game show on ABC network named The Hustler. It breaks the game show mold by featuring one ... Wife: Megan Wallace Cunningham (m. 2008), Sasha Ferguson (m. 1998-2004), Anne Hogarth (m. 1983-1986) Weight: 81 kg Net Worth: $30 million Height: 6 feet 2 inches
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