A loaded chamber indicator (LCI) is a passive safety device commonly found on handguns, designed to provide a visual indicator that there is a round currently in the chamber. The device is often a small bar of metal or tab which protrudes from the firearm when a chambered round pushes it outward.
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Are loaded chamber indicators required in California?
Gov. Gray Davis signed a law that requires new semiautomatic handgun models sold in California to have either a clear loaded-chamber indicator or a magazine disconnect safety by 2006 ... and to have both safety devices by 2007.
What does AOW mean for guns?
The term "any other weapon" means any weapon or device capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive, a pistol or revolver having a barrel with a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell, weapons with combination shotgun and rifle ...
What does APC stand for gun?
The B&T APC (Advanced Police Carbine) is a family of firearms produced and manufactured by B&T (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet) of Switzerland. Announced in 2011, the submachine guns series uses standard 9×19mm (APC9), . 40 S&W (APC40), 10mm Auto (APC10) and . 45 ACP (APC45) ammunition.
What is an empty chamber indicator?
The Chamber-View Empty Chamber Indicator provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating an open action. The highly visible blaze orange gives surrounding shooters, and observers non-verbal communication to the status of your firearm.
LCI stands for Loaded Chamber Indicator (firearms). LCI is defined as Loaded Chamber Indicator (firearms) somewhat frequently.
Mar 23, 2012 · A loaded chamber indicator, as the name suggests, is a safety device on semi-automatic handguns designed to alert the operator in some way that ...
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It's the loaded chamber indicator, in this specific case the small slot or hole drilled at the edge of the chamber to show a round is loaded ...
I believe the military wanted it on their guns as well, hence it's inclusion on the M17/M18, but it wouldn't have made it to the civilian models ...
Sep 22, 2021 · Dear Half-Mast, With some of the M17 pistols coming in for maintenance, we've found that the loaded chamber indicator (LCI) is no longer ...