On the verge of divorce, a middle-aged couple, each involved in a serious affair, rethink their marriage and the meaning of love and fidelity.
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Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, ...
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Is the movie Two Lovers on Netflix?
Is The Killing of Two Lovers on Netflix? No, 'The Killing of Two Lovers' is not accessible on Netflix as of now. However, viewers who are looking to stream similar movies can instead enjoy 'Marriage Story' or 'Pieces of a Woman. '
What is the movie the lovers about?
A man and his wife's marriage is struggling and they are both embroiled in their own extramarital affairs. Both of them are sent reeling when they suddenly fall for the least likely person imaginable, each other.
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Is L Amant on Netflix?
Sorry, L'Amant is not available on American Netflix. We check Netflix hundreds of times a day, so you can check back regularly to see when it appears for streaming.
Where does the movie The lovers take place?
Production. On April 20, 2016, it was reported that A24 would finance and distribute the Azazel Jacobs film The Lovers, with Debra Winger and Tracy Letts in negotiations to star. Filming reportedly concluded on May 27, 2016, after more than a month of shooting in and around the Santa Clarita Valley.
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Jan 4, 2017 ˇ The Lovers is a refreshing, funny look at love, fidelity, and family, starring Debra Winger and ...
Duration: 2:25
Posted: Jan 4, 2017
The Lovers is a 2017 comedy romance film directed by Azazel Jacobs. It stars Debra Winger, Tracy Letts, Aidan Gillen, Melora Walters, Tyler Ross and Jessica ...
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Written by: Azazel Jacobs
Music by: Mandy Hoffman
Box office: $2.2 million
May 5, 2017 ˇ A lush, romantic through line of melody, performed by a whole orchestra, with passages reminiscent of Ravel, Debussy, even Wagner. The score is ...
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In writer/director Azazel Jacobs' THE LOVERS, Winger and Letts play Mary and Michael, a long-married couple who have long ago lost any passion for each other ...
A middle-aged, estranged, married couple, Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) are both having affairs. Mary is with Robert (Aiden Gillet) and Michael ...
Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a ...
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Can you stream the Comedy movie The Lovers, directed by Azazel Jacobs & starring Aidan Gillen, Debra Winger, Melora Walters & Tracy Letts on Netflix, Hulu or ...
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An epic, sweeping and riveting tale of an impossible love set across two time periods and continents.