I'm Pregnant

The Nanny: Season 6, Episode 6
Fran covers for Maggie, who suspects that she is pregnant, but Maggie may not be the one hearing the patter of tiny feet.
Show: The Nanny
Air date: November 4, 1998
Fran (Fran Drescher) covers for Maggie (Nicholle Tom), who suspects that she may be pregnant. Guest star: Nora Dunn. Genre: Comedy. Network ...
Rating (200)
I'm Pregnant: Directed by Peter Marc Jacobson. With Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane. When Maggie thinks that she is pregnant, ...
The sixth and final season of the American television sitcom The Nanny aired on CBS from September 30, 1998, to June 23, 1999. The series was ... Cast and characters · Guest stars No. of episodes: 22 Original network: CBS Original release: September 30, 1998 –; June 23, 1999
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Oct 20, 2020 · The Nanny S06E06 - I'm Pregnant (1) ... [PDF] The Pregnant Amish Nanny (Expectant Amish ...Duration: 23:33
Posted: Oct 20, 2020
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Was Val pregnant on the nanny?
During the show's fifth season, the actresses who played the roles of C.C. and Val both got pregnant... When Laura Lane's son was born, they removed Babcock from the story, saying she was in a "mental hospital."
What happened on the final episode of The Nanny?
June 23, 1999
The Nanny / Final episode date
Who was pregnant on the nanny?
During the show's fifth season run, Lauren Lane and Rachel Chagall became pregnant. But unlike other sitcoms that hid their pregnant actresses behind props, or had them sitting all the time, producers of this show made no attempt to hide or explain the growing bellies, except for one episode where C.C.
Was Cece pregnant in Season 6 The Nanny?
C.C in Season 6 can longer hide her feelings for Niles, and they end up in bed and making love in random places, such as a limo. C.C finally agrees to marry Niles in part 1 of the finale. C.C later in the finale finds out she is pregnant with Niles' baby.
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Jun 25, 2021 · The Nanny Season 1 Episode 6 - The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother When s...Duration: 21:58
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The Nanny (1993–1999): Season 6, Episode 6 - I'm Pregnant - full transcript ... Fran and Maxwell know that Maggie and Michael are having sex with each other. How ...
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Mar 26, 2021 · Maggie thinks she is pregnant so Fran takes her to the gynecologist. From Season 6 Episode 6 ...Duration: 4:16
Posted: Mar 26, 2021
Fran and Maggie work together on buying a home pregnancy test and hiding it from everybody, but once again Maxwell finds out and has them go see a gynecologist.
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