The Honeymoon's Overboard

The Nanny: Season 6, Episode 1
Fran and Maxwell find themselves on a deserted island after falling off their honeymoon yacht. Meanwhile, CC and Sylvia launch a search for the couple.
Show: The Nanny
Air date: September 30, 1998
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Is Val pregnant in the nanny season 6?
However, at the end of the series, Val begins dating a pharmacist named Fred and became pregnant with his son. At some point during the series Val loses her job at the bridal shop and in season six Maggie's Wedding she states that she is now working at a Krispy Kreme.
Was Fran Drescher really pregnant in the nanny?
8 Fake: Fran Drescher in The Nanny This might suggest that Fran Drescher was pregnant herself, but that's not the case. ... Fran Fine had kids of her own because it was felt to be the natural progression of the story even though the show was quickly canceled after Max and Fran got together.
Is there a Season 7 of the nanny?
Episodes[edit] · No. overall, No. in · 125, 1, "The Honeymoon's Overboard", Peter Marc Jacobson · 126, 2, "Fran Gets Shushed", Peter Marc Jacobson ... Cast and characters · Guest stars No. of episodes: 22 Original release: September 30, 1998 –; June 23, 1999 Original network: CBS
Fran and Maxwell (Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy) fall off a yacht and spend a frustrating honeymoon on a deserted island. With Lauren Lane. Genre: Comedy.
Episode 1. The Honeymoon's Overboard. Wed, Sep 30, 1998 30 mins. The honeymoon's over for Fran and Maxwell, who are washed up on a deserted island.
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Jun 30, 2002 · Fran and Maxwell find themselves alone in a deserted island after falling off their honeymoon ...Posted: Jun 30, 2002
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The Honeymoon's Overboard: Directed by Peter Marc Jacobson. With Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane.
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