But what is so wonderful is that, by the end of the story, she has opened herself up to the love and forgiveness that Ray wants give her and realizes that her life is no less beautiful for the heartaches. Then there was the idea of beauty and magic being found in the most ordinary things in life.
Apr 7, 2010
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Is Magic of Ordinary Days a true story?
Livvy is fictitious, however I based Rose and Lorelei on three Japanese American sisters who were interned at Camp Amache and who aided in a POW escape.
Where does the magic of ordinary days take place?
Set in rural Colorado during 1944, The Magic of Ordinary Days opens with Olivia “Livy” Dunne (Keri Russell) on board a train. Based on her appearance, it's obvious that she benefited from a privileged, somewhat pampered upbringing.
Who wrote the magic of ordinary days?
Ann Howard Creel
The magic of ordinary days / Authors
How long is the magic of ordinary days?
2 hours
The Magic of Ordinary Days / Running time
Rating (7,850)
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