Nov 17, 2020 From the Balmoral tests to Diana roller-skating in the palace hallways, we explore any embellishment in season 4 of Netflix's 'The Crown.'
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How factual is season 4 of The Crown?
As Prince Philip says in the season finale, “She's the oxygen we all breathe.” Much of the show's dialogue is fictional, but many of the events are real: the war in the Falklands, the Thatcher government, the souring of a royal marriage and Diana's first steps toward independence.
Nov 27, 2020
What did The Crown get wrong season 4?
On the show, the queen and Princess Margaret consult the 200-year-old royal reference book Burke's Peerage, which includes inaccurate information that declares that Nerissa had died in 1940, and later that Katherine had died in 1961. The book did in fact contain that incorrect information in real life.
Nov 17, 2020
Why is season 4 of The Crown controversial?
Prince Charles is portrayed as the villain in his marriage to Princess Diana. Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix is turning out to be much more controversial than previous seasons, as historians and royal watchers decry the unflattering portrayal of Prince Charles and his marriage to the late Princess Diana.
Is The Crown factually accurate?
Peter Morgan, creator of the series that's in a lull before its fifth and penultimate season arrives in 2022, has said “The Crown” is the product of historical research and imagination, and includes scenes not to be taken as fact.
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