The Americans: Season 4, Episode 4
A crucial flaw during a mission forces Philip, Elizabeth, William, and Gabriel to confront both their mortality and the depths of their patriotism.
Air date: April 6, 2016
Apr 7, 2016 · In "Chloramphenicol," we see the futility of Nina's attempts to be a good person, to help someone in a tiny way, and to maybe, just maybe find a ...
Apr 7, 2016 · At FBI headquarters, Agent Aderholt is laying a trap for poor Martha, asking about her night, then springing a dinner request on her when she ...
Apr 6, 2016 · A legacy — a future — is becoming more and more pressing for Elizabeth, making her choice not to kill Pastor Tim nor to flee from the Centre all ...
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Apr 6, 2016 · The Americans Recap: Exceptional Punishment ... Season 4 Episode 4 ... This is the first time The Americans, a show with no shortage of ...
Apr 6, 2016 · The episode was engineered to give her fate maximum poignancy — or maybe just shock value. Tragic Oleg, home in Moscow to see his mother ( ...
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Does Martha commit suicide in the Americans?
In reality, their handlers killed her and framed her death as a lethal overdose. ... But Martha wasn't killed, and the Centre made good on their promise to protect her.
What happened to Pastor Tim in Ethiopia?
Pastor Tim went missing on his church trip to Africa and his wife, Alice — who didn't make the trip because she was pregnant — was convinced that Philip and Elizabeth had something to do with it, Ethiopia being a Soviet client state and all.
What happened Nina sergeevna?
At the conclusion of the fourth season's fourth episode, former spy Nina Sergeevna (Annet Mahendru) was abruptly executed by her Soviet captors after her former lover Oleg Burov (Costa Ronin) tried to convince his high-ranking Russian official father Igor Burov to improve her predicament.
What episode do they tell Paige the Americans?
Soviet spies Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) finally have the big talk with their teenage daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) in Episode 310 (“Stingers”) of “The Americans” on FX. Sex isn't the topic of this explosive conversation.
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A devastating flaw during a mission forces Philip, Elizabeth, William, and Gabriel to confront the depths of their patriotism... and their mortality.
Cast & Crew ; Keri Russell Elizabeth Jennings ; Matthew Rhys Philip Jennings ; Noah Emmerich Stan Beeman ; Holly Taylor Paige Jennings ; Keidrich Sellati Henry ...
Apr 7, 2016 · As the F.B.I. closes in on Martha (Alison Wright), Paige (Holly Taylor) worries about what her parents' work entails, and Philip (Matthew Rhys) ...
The fourth season of the American television drama series The Americans, consisting of 13 episodes, premiered on FX on March 16, 2016, and ...
No. of episodes: 13
Original release: March 16 –; June 8, 2016
Original network: FX
Apr 7, 2016 · The Americans Season 4 Episode 4 ... alone in often neglecting Nina Krilova in my online discussions and review of The Americans episodes.