Open House

The Americans: Season 3, Episode 3
Danger mounts for Elizabeth and Philip as they get closer to the inner circle of the C.I.A. Afghan Group; Stan monitors Zinaida; Agent Aderholt challenges Agent Gaad on a crucial operation; Arkady tasks Oleg and Tatiana with gathering intel.
Air date: February 11, 2015
Director: Thomas Schlamme
Featured music: Nathan Barr; "All Out of Love" by Air Supply
"Open House" is the third episode of third season of the American television drama series The Americans, and the 29th overall episode of the series.
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Feb 11, 2015 · Philip may have made up with his wife — after throwing the mother of all hissy-fits before bed — but he's not bending a bit on Paige. · Agent ...
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Feb 12, 2015 · The Americans Recap: 50 Shades of Dentistry ... Season 3 Episode 3 ... The injury she sustained in her brawl from the season premiere isn't ...
Feb 12, 2015 · Tonight's episode centers on the Jennings' pursuit of their latest lead on the CIA's Afghan Group: His name is Ted Paaswell. He's the right hand ...
Rating (1,300)
Open House: Directed by Thomas Schlamme. With Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn, Annet Mahendru. Danger mounts for Elizabeth and Philip as they get ...
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Dimebag: Directed by Thomas Schlamme. With Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn, Annet Mahendru. Philip faces a moral dilemma while developing an asset.
Feb 11, 2015 · Allison's The Americans recap for the season 3 episode "Open House"; FX's excellent Soviet spy drama stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell.
People also ask
Does Philip sleep with Kimberly in The Americans?
Philip finally slept with Kimmy — years after the statutory deadline passed, but given the subterfuge, you wouldn't quite call this a fun night between two consenting adults.
What happens to Martha in The Americans?
In reality, their handlers killed her and framed her death as a lethal overdose. Might they do the same to Martha? After her last, breathless of episodes, anything felt possible with the ruthless KGB pulling the strings. But Martha wasn't killed, and the Centre made good on their promise to protect her.
Does Philip tell Elizabeth about his son?
After learning of her and Paige's excursion, Philip confronts Elizabeth. ... Philip tells Elizabeth of his secret son.
How old is Paige in Season 3 of The Americans?
At home the Jennings are engaged in an increasingly fraught cold war over 14-year-old Paige (Holly Taylor), as their Soviet overlords push to turn her into a “second-generation illegal,” i.e., a totally untraceable spy.
Open House is the third episode of Season Three of The Americans on FX, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.
Philip juggles the many women in his life; Elizabeth takes drastic measures to complete a mission; Stan asserts a plan to save Nina with an unlikely ally.
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