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What is the most popular show on Syfy?

The 20 Best SyFy TV Shows of All Time, and Where to Stream Them

Wynonna Earp. ...
The Magicians. ...
Farscape. ...
Stargate SG-1. ...
The Expanse. Created by: Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. ...
3. “ Mystery Science Theater 3000. ...
Doctor Who. Created by: Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson. ...
Battlestar Galactica. Created by: Glen A.
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What happened to Syfy?
Syfy is a dumbster fire of a channel. Just recently they had what was arguably one of the best sci-fi shows ever made: The Expanse. And than they decided to cancel it... Gladly Amazon picked the show up and continues to produce it.
What shows are currently on Syfy?

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12 Monkeys.
Alien News Desk. Watch Full Episodes.
Battlestar Galactica.
Blood Drive.
Channel Zero: Butcher's Block.
Channel Zero: Candle Cove.
Channel Zero: No-End House.
Channel Zero: The Dream Door.
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How can I watch Syfy online for free?

However, now you can watch SYFY without cable using and of the following streaming services: Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV. ... Watch SYFY for Free

Hulu Live TV – Offers a 1-week free trial.
FuboTV – offers a 1-week free trial.
YouTube TV – offers a 1-week free trial.
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Alien News Desk · Cosplay Melee · Cyanide and Happiness Shorts · Dallas & Robo · Devil May Care · Don't Feed the Humans · Dr. Havoc's Diary · The Expanse.
The following list of TV programs for the U.S. Syfy channel specifies first and second run, past, present, and planned. Niches are separated into dramas, games, reality shows, and sports. Mini-series, original films, and anime are also grouped together. ... Van Helsing (2016); The Movie Show (2020); Resident Alien (2021) ... Syfy first-run programming · Original programming · Syfy second-run ...
6 days ago · 20. 12 Monkeys · 19. Killjoys · 18. Lexx · 17. Helix · 16. Warehouse 13 · 15. Ghost Hunters · 14. Defiance · 13. Happy!
Mar 17, 2021 · This list features the best Syfy original shows, ranked by the community as the best, including The Magicians, Space: Above and Beyond, ...