Outlander Season 5 has just seen a major character death as the villain Stephen Bonnet (played by Ed Speelers) campaign of piracy came to an end. In Episode 10 of the Starz show, titled "Mercy Shall Follow Me," he finally faced trial for his crimes and was found guilty.
Apr 27, 2020
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What happened to Stephen Bonnet in Season 5?
In season 5 episode 10 'Mercy Shall Follow Me', Stephen Bonnet (Speleers) finally got his comeuppance – but it wasn't Jamie Fraser or Roger MacKenzie that delivered the killing blow. After being sentenced to death by drowning, the villain was then surprisingly shot in the head by Brianna (Sophie Skelton).
Apr 28, 2020
Does Stephen Bonnet come back in Season 5?
But when he returned in the latest episode, Starz viewers were pleased to see the heinous character being killed off. Following Stephen's death his star Edward spoken out about the end of his character's journey.
May 1, 2020
Is Stephen Bonnet The father of Brianna's baby?
At first, Bree is sure that Bonnet is the father. After all, Roger pulled out but Bonnet didn't. ... She tells Bonnet that she believes he is the father. This leads to a bigger storyline as Bonnet decides he wants to get his hands on Jemmy.
Is Stephen Bonnet dead in Outlander?
The Outlander TV series has speeded up the process, but Stephen Bonnet does die in the books. ... The Outlander TV show has a habit of changing things here and there, especially when it comes to killing or not killing characters. The show has speeded up Bonnet's death, but he does die in the books eventually.
Stephen Bonnet is a pirate, smuggler, sometime murderer and all-round disreputable character, whom Jamie and Claire Fraser first meet as they leave ...
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In season 5 episode 10 'Mercy Shall Follow Me', Stephen Bonnet (Speleers) finally got his comeuppance – but it wasn't Jamie Fraser or Roger ...
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Posted: Apr 28, 2020
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May 2, 2020 · Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) recounts his worst nightmare to Brianna (Sophie Skelton) in this ...
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