Star Academy / Winner
Laurene Bourvon

Laurene Bourvon

Born: May 25, 1994 (age 27 years), Rosporden, France
Winners[edit] · Star Academy 1 (2003–2004): Egypt Mohamed Attieh · Star Academy 2 (2004–2005): Saudi Arabia Hisham Abdulrahman · Star Academy 3 (2005 ...
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Original release: 5 December 2003 –; January 2016
Camera setup: Multiple-camera setup
Production company: Endemol Middle East
Production locations: Adma, Lebanon
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Who won stars Academy 2021?
The winner from TVB reality show and singing competition STARS Academy, Gigi Yim Ming-hay, teamed up with fellow contestants in a girl band performance resembling that of K-pop group Blackpink at the MacPherson Stadium in Mong Kok.
Who won Star Academy 2005?
Season 4. Season 4 winner Grégory Lemarchal became the first male winner of Star Academy in France. He released his debut single "Écris l'histoire" and debut album Je deviens moi in France in 2005. Grégory also enjoyed success in 2006 with "Même si", a bilingual duet with Lucie Silvas of her song "What You're Made Of".
Who won Star Academy 5 Lebanon?
On 24 July 2008, Lebanese contestant Elie Bitar won the contest against Saudi contestant Abdelmajeed Ibrahim. Even though running for five seasons, SuperStar was eclipsed by rival show Star Academy on LBC in the Middle East, in terms of popularity and ratings, after only its first season.
Who is the founder of Star Academy?
Founder - Star Academy. The Founder and Director of Star Academy, Larisa Bankovsky, is a proven math teacher of over 36 years. She has experience teaching students of all school levels in both former Soviet Union and in the United States.
Jenifer Bartoli (winner) - participated in the Star Academy Tour, released debut album Jenifer and follow-up Le Passage. · Mario Barravecchia (finalist) - ...
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No. of seasons: 9
Original release: October 20, 2001 –; December 19, 2008 (TF1); September 2012 (NRJ 12)
Producer: Endemol France
Original network: TF1 (2001-2008); NRJ 12 (2012-)
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The remaining 8 students will start touring the Arab countries and singing their best songs. The remaining winner students are as follows. Lebanon Carlo Nakhleh
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