My Cousin Vinny

R · 1992 ‧ Comedy/Crime ‧ 1h 59m
7.6/10 · IMDb 86% · Rotten Tomatoes 68% · Metacritic
New York lawyer Vinny has never won a case. When his teenage cousin Bill and his friend Stan are accused of murder in a backwater Alabama town, it's up to the nervous Vinny to save him from jail, even though he's only ever tried personal injury...
Rating (116,251)
My Cousin Vinny: Directed by Jonathan Lynn. With Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, Marisa Tomei, Mitchell Whitfield. Two New Yorkers accused of murder in rural ...
Cast (31) · Joe Pesci · Ralph Macchio · Marisa Tomei · Mitchell Whitfield · Fred Gwynne · Lane Smith · Austin Pendleton · Bruce McGill.
Cast[edit] · Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini · Ralph Macchio as Bill Gambini · Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito · Mitchell Whitfield as Stan Rothenstein · Fred ...
Mitchell Whitfield · Jonathan Lynn · Brady disclosure · Matthew S. Petersen

Box office: $64.1 million
Production companies: Palo Vista Productions; Peter V. Miller Investment Corp
Budget: $11 million
Music by: Randy Edelman
Oct 26, 2020 · Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini · Ralph Macchio as Bill Gambini · Mitchell Whitfield as Stan Rothenstein · Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito · Fred Gwynne ...
People also ask
How old are the characters in My Cousin Vinny?
Joe Pesci was 49 years old, playing a guy who just recently finished law school and has a 22-year-old cousin. Marisa Tomei is 21 years younger than him. Then again, Vinny went to night school to be a lawyer, and quite obviously took longer than normal because he had to work at Lisa's father's garage at the same time.
Is My Cousin Vinny Based on a true story?
My Cousin Vinny was inspired by an encounter with a guy hoping to pass the bar. My Cousin Vinny was one of the earliest ideas screenwriter Dale Launer ever had. “In the very early '70s, I met a guy who ... was waiting the bar exam results,” he told ABA Journal in 2012.
Who played Mona Lisa Vito?
Marisa Tomei
Mona Lisa was played to perfection by Marisa Tomei, and it's no wonder that the Italian American star took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress months after the film's release.
Who died in Cousin Vinny?
James Rebhorn, the prolific character actor whose credits included "Homeland," ''Scent of a Woman" and "My Cousin Vinny," has died. He was 65. Rebhorn's agent, Dianne Busch, said Sunday that the actor died Friday at his home in South Orange, N.J, after a long battle with skin cancer.
Rating (58)
Ralph Macchio is fine as Bill, but Mitchell Whitfield is only okay as his buddy Stan. As Bill's cousin Vinny, Joe Pesci is a delight. Lane Smith is fun as the ...

Genre: Comedy
Release Date (Streaming): Jan 30, 2007
Box Office (Gross USA): $50.9M
Release Date (Theaters): Mar 13, 1992 wide
Vincent LaGuardia "Vinny" Gambini (Joe Pesci) · Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei) · Bill Gambini (Ralph Macchio) · Stan Rothenstein (Mitchell Whitfield) · Judge ...
Learn more about the full cast of My Cousin Vinny with news, photos, videos and more at TV Guide. ... Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini. Joe Pesci. Vinny Gambini.
My Cousin Vinny. Cast & Crew · Jonathan Lynn Director · Dale Launer Screenplay · Joe Pesci Cast · Marisa Tomei Cast · Fred Gwynne Cast · Lane Smith Cast · Bruce McGill ...
Cast. Joe Pesci: Vincent La Guardia Gambini; Ralph Macchio: Bill Gambini; Marisa Tomei: Mona Lisa Vito; Mitchell Whitfield: Stan Rothenstein ...
Rating (1,127)
Cast · Joe Pesci Vinny Gambini · Ralph Macchio Bill Gambini · Marisa Tomei Mona Lisa Vito · Mitchell Whitfield Stan Rothenstein · Fred Gwynne Judge Chamberlain ...

RYM Rating: 3.38 / 5.0 from 1,127 ratings