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Josh Pais (born 21 June 1958; age 63) is the actor who played Quark's cousin Gaila in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth and sixth season episodes "Business as Usual" and "The Magnificent Ferengi".
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Learning how to live in the moment can improve every aspect of your life. Here's a simple technique you can implement to keep you in the here & now.
Duration: 6:45
Posted: Jan 31, 2011
Overcome fear and shyness with these simple mindset shifts and lessons from Josh Pais.
Pais married actress Lisa Emery on August 27, 1990; actor Zane Pais is their son. They divorced in 2003. Pais is married to Marie Forleo. Filmography[edit].
Career Filmography

Children: 1
Spouse(s): Lisa Emery (m. 1990; div. 2003); Marie Forleo (m. 2006)
Occupation: Actor; Acting coach
Years active: 1988–present
Feb 25, 2021 The founder of MarieTV has been married to actor Josh Pais for just over a decade. Forleo recently uploaded a one-minute video on her Instagram,...
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My love Josh Pais and I at Zach Bliss Jennifer Ferrin wedding in #montauk perfect day!! ... Marie Forleo, profile picture. Join.
In this episode, you'll learn Josh Pais' tips to help MarieTV viewer ... 9: How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking with Josh Pais The Marie Forleo Podcast.