John Wayne

American actor
Marion Robert Morrison, known professionally as John Wayne and nicknamed Duke, was an American actor and filmmaker who became a popular icon through his starring roles in films made during Hollywood’s Golden Age, especially in Western and war... Wikipedia
Born: May 26, 1907, Winterset, IA
Height: 6′ 4″
Full name: Marion Robert Morrison
Spouse: Pilar Pallete (m. 1954–1979), Esperanza Baur (m. 1946–1954), and Josephine Wayne (m. 1933–1945)
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Are any of John Wayne's grandchildren actors?
John Wayne's Grandson, Actor Brendan Wayne, Looks A Lot Like The Duke. ... Just like his grandpa, Brendan has appeared in a few westerns but is also a talented stunt double.
May 27, 2021
Who inherited John Wayne's fortune?
Wayne had seven children. He left them each $5,000 multiplied by their age at the time of his death minus 21. His eldest son, Michael, who was then 44, thus got $115,000. Wayne's first wife, Josephine, received a trust account which provided her with monthly checks for $3,000.
How many of John Wayne's sons were in Big Jake?
John Wayne's sons, Patrick and Ethan star in Big Jake, and son Michael produced. Christopher Mitchum, son of actor Robert Mitchum also stars.
What was John Wayne's net worth when he died?
May 27, 2021 ˇ John Wayne's grandson, Brendan Wayne, decided to go into the family business and create a career for himself in the world of entertainment.
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26 May 1907: 26 May 1907:Birth - Winterset, Madison Co., IA; Sources: Dowling Family Tree - Tim Dowling - rootsweb, 2001-2015 ...