Reunion (30 Rock) · Susan Barrett as Diane · Marceline Hugot as Kathy Geiss · Robyn Lively as Kelsey Whintrop · Janel Moloney as Jessica · Diane Neal as Erin · Rip ... Plot · Production · Cultural references · Reception Episode no: Season 3; Episode 5 Original air date: December 4, 2008
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After Don Geiss wakes from his coma and tells Jack that he plans to remain as CEO, a snow-in forces Jack to go with Liz to her high school reunion--where ...
"30 Rock" Reunion (TV Episode 2008) Janel Moloney as Jessica. ... Jessica Speyer : [Jack has been mistaken for Larry Braverman and goes with the flow] I ...
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Did Jenna on 30 Rock really gain weight?
As her role required her to eat 32 slices of pizza on stage each week, Jenna gained a large amount of weight at this time. ... Eventually, Jack tells Jenna that on television an actress can't be "in between" fat and thin, so she has to either lose 30 pounds or gain 60, and Jenna loses the weight again.
Who is Jenna from 30 Rock based on?
'30 Rock': Jenna Was Almost Played By a Different Actress Before Jane Krakowski Stepped In. Tina Fey, inspired by her experiences as head writer for Saturday Night Live, created 30 Rock. In 2006, it debuted on NBC and ran for seven seasons.
Why did 30 Rock get Cancelled?
In an interview with Huffington Post, Fey hinted that declining ratings played a part in ending the show. But ultimately, her team was able to make a decision to end 30 Rock. As she explained, "All good things come to an end." Fey believed her team told good stories and had a lot of fun with the show.
Why did Jenna Maroney gain weight?
Liz returns from summer hiatus to discover that Tracy's co-star, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski), has gained a lot of weight after a stint in a Broadway musical production of “Mystic Pizza” that required her to eat many slices a night onstage.
Jenna Maroney (born Yustrepa Gronkowitz) is a fictional character on the NBC television series 30 Rock. She is the eccentric best friend of Liz Lemon and ... Personal history · Personality · Fictional filmography Age: 46 Children: Jerome (son), Judy (daughter), Jessica (daughter), Three unnamed daughters First Appearance: "Pilot" Born: February 24, 1969
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